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Reminder: ESO+ free trial: instant freebies (January 19-26, 2021)

TheElderScrolls10 - Reminder: ESO+ free trial: instant freebies (January 19-26, 2021)

Dungeons DLC:

– Shadow of the Hist: Heroic personality — Enter either the Ruins of Mazzatun or the Cradle of Shadows
– Horns of the Reach: Bullhorns emote — Enter either Falkreath Hold or Bloodroot Forge
– Dragon Bones: hat: Renegade Dragon Priest Mask — Enter either Fang Lair or Scalecaller Peak
– Wolfhunter: Werewolf Hunter Hat — Enter either Moon Hunter Keep or March of Sacrifices
– Wrathstone: hat: Ayleid Royal Crown — Enter either Frostvault or Depths of Malatar
– Scalebreaker: outfit style: Dread-Aurelian Mask — Enter either Moongrave Fane or Lair of Maarselok
– Harrowstorm: Emote: Wickerman Mishap — Enter either Icereach or Unhallowed Grave
– StoneThorn: Pet: Energetic Dwarven Shock-Spider — Enter either Castle Thorn or Stone Garden (both dungeons entrances belong to Greymoor zones, still you can port there directly)

Zone DLC:

– Orsinium: Pet: Echalette — Enter Orsinium capital city (also: quests for provisioning recipes, get Briarheart dagger quest reward)
– Thieves Guild: Pet: Jackal — Enter Abah's Landing. Unlock TG skill line
– Dark Brotherhood: Personality: Assassin — Enter Gold Coast zone. Unlock DB skill line
– Morrowind: nothing immediate, but the Telvanni Magister personality is awesome and Regalia of the Scarlet Judge costume is OKay, both require a bit of questing
– Clockwork City: Pet: Scintillant Dovah-Fly — Enter the Brass Fortress (also quests for provisioning recipes)
– Summerset: nothing immediate. fish in Artaeum for bound provisioning recipes (otherwise they are obtainable by purchasing Waterlogged Psijic Satchels, which is an expensive lottery), unlock Psijic skill line (progressing it also unlocks buying bound furnishing recipes at Artaeum trader)
– Murkmire: Pet: Verdigris Haj Mota — Enter Lilmoth
– Dragonhold: Outfit Style: Topal Corsair Hat — Enter Southern Elsweyr (questing unlocks other pages). Questing unlocks Mask of Alkosh hat and The Za’ji’s Dragonguard Uniform costume
– Markarth: Outfit Style: Arkthzand Anfractuosity Shroud — Enter The Reach

What works:

Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Psijic Guild skill lines skill line will persist, allowing looting Thieves Throves and Psijic portals.

What does not work:

– Jewelry Crafting skill line still requires Summerset (after ESO+ expires you can not access JC crafting stations if you don't own the DLC), but it makes a lot of sense to research Infused, Bloodthirsty and Swift traits for reconstructing stickerbook jewelry (thanks /u/Kelinmiriel for this tip)


Other easy things to do:

– re-log with each character to make materials they carry to go into Crafting Bag (after event it will turn into "extract-only" mode)
– collect skyshards, lorebooks, unlock exploration and questing dyes and achievements, check achievement furnishers
– dye your costumes (this is done per character, so the same costume may be dyed differently on different characters)
– pack your houses with 2x storage (utilize 2x furnishing limits at houses of any size)
– do surveys and treasure maps pointing to otherwise restricted zones
– attune your crafting stations to Julianos, New Moon Acolyte (also: Clever Alchemist, Mechanical Acuity, Shacklebreaker, and Ancient Dragonguard are quite good options too (imho))

Other time-consuming things to do:

– collect Bound-On-Pickup dungeons DLC gear for collections book
– quests and dungeons for rewards, achievements and trophies (like Elsweyr free housing or Elsweyr+Dragonhold free flying pet, undaunted trophies.. etc etc..)
– completing Wrothgar public dungeons quests unlock mementos (Orsinium Museum quest is bugged at this moment, so not recommended right now)
– completing skill lines
DO THE SOLO ARENAS: the Maelstrom Arena weapons are still great, also the Vateshran Hollows weapons are good and achievements unlocking skin and dyes may be done on normal difficulty.

Be sure to check the comprehensive list of collectables compiled by Benevolent Bowd ( /u/benevolentbowd ):

Have fun

P.S. the most frequent questions are:
– how to activate ESO+ trial. Please, see the official guide:
– how long does it last: deadline is January 26, at 10:00AM EST (which is Jan,26 15:00 UTC)

Stay safe, folx!

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