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Removing Debuffs: Negative effects vs Harmful effects?

TheElderScrolls6 - Removing Debuffs: Negative effects vs Harmful effects?

Hello everyone! I've been asking around the community for awhile about this and no one seems to know an exact answer. So I thought I'd try here or the forums.

The tool tip for Purge from the support skill line states that it's "removing 2 negative effects and….". The Wardens blue betty also removes a "negative effect". While both mutagen and cleansing ritual claim to remove "harmful effects"

I did discover an old Deltia post in which he goes through all the effects that can be purged (a.k.a negative effects). I will link this in a bit once I Google foo it up again. However there is no such comprehensive list of what can be "cleansed"(a.k.a harmful effects).

I did find out that both purge and cleansing ritual have a cool down timer, which they do not share. However I can't seem to find the length of either cool down.

1 are harmful effects and negative effects actually the same thing (ie:mistake in nomenclature)? Or if they are actually two different categories?

2 what is the length of each cool down timer for Purge and cleansing ritual?

Backstory that started this research: I had been running with a vmol progression team early last year. Most of them stopped playing around the time summerset came out. We had gotten the twins down to 14% on several occasions, but just couldn't seem to kill them. However we had been one banging the first boss.


Since my group had dissolved, I joined a few raid guilds. One of which pulled me into a core run because a normal didn't show. In a group that was 1/4 pugged, the raid lead didn't explain groups tactics or stack. We got to the first boss. The group fully encircled the boss (wtf), then didn't stack close enough to be in healing springs during shield phase. Also people would get cursed and have bleed damage from adds. They would run from group to reach a pad then die to the bleeds. For reference we were nearish the exit. The damage dealers that bleed out died near entrance. Neither cleanse nor purge reach that far. The raid lead stopped after 3 poor pulls, and asked if I had both ritual and purge. I said no i just use purge. He said I needed both. I asked why. He stated that one is negative effects while the other is harmful effects. I asked him define those for me. He could not, so he kicked me from group and guild.

Obviously he was just a D bag, because if he had been right then only dual templar healer teams could run vMoL. Which didnt seem like facts to me. On top of that my old team had been one banging the first boss just by stacking and executing mechanics more intelligently. I did get my first vMoL complete last Saturday, during which i only used cleansing ritual. I have proven you don't need both. However after asking so many what the difference between "harmful" and "negative" effects are for a year and not getting an intelligent answer has really made me curious.

Thanks for your time and help 🙂

Edit: I seem to be unable to find that Deltia post about purge. I'm sorry, but I will keep trying.

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