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[report] My December journey to Legend

TheElderScrolls12 - [report] My December journey to Legend

Just landed to the Legendary no. 50 spot. This month I wanted to climb "clean", without much of experimenting and adjusting to other players, ranks and meta. I just used my variation of silence warrior, which I found to be only deck which is aggro enough (so I can finish a battle in a reasonable amount of time, lets say <10 minutes) and which can relatively consistenly kill Telvanni Conscription. Also, the deck has a nice break vs faster aggro deck in the form of big bodies which can be used to trade on board when in defense and sometimes overturn.

  • Rank 5->4: 35 games. Took some time to adjust playstyle to the deck I havent played for 2-3 weeks. Changed few cards. Took more "big body" cards.

  • Rank 4->3: 15 games. Racked 4 wins againt Telvanni Constription in a row there. 🙂 That was 2 days ago.

  • Rank 3->2: 12 games. I started to become super comfortable with the deck going 1st. Easy climb there.

  • Rank 2->1: 28 games. Played late evening EU time. Played many top players from EU and US. Won 2 games against Legendary top 50 and lost a few, too. The grip of serious competition was felt here a lot. That was played yesteday.

  • Rank 1->Legendary: 21 games. Was floating at 50% win rate then I found a pocket of "bad competition" and pounded 6 wins in a row under 30 minutes. Lucky. Was expecting to take at least 40-50 games to push to Legendary with "normalized" pairings.

Total game count = 111 games. Spent around 15-20 hours through the span of 5 days.

Landed at Legendary no 50. Best entry so far. Yay..

Tomorrow I switch to Path of Exile (new league starting), so I'll do TESL only for daily stuff. See you guys next month! HF

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