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RockstarCowboy presents M-M-M-M-meta Breakerrrrr with SLOW MID WARRIOR!!!!

TheElderScrolls14 - RockstarCowboy presents M-M-M-M-meta Breakerrrrr with SLOW MID WARRIOR!!!!

Y’all thought this archetype was dead didn’t you? Wait until you see the list. Half of these cards aren’t meta.

3 Rapid shot

3 Barrow stalker

3 Skinned hound

3 Windkeep Spellsword

3 Stormcloak vanguard

3 Skaven pyromancer

3 Withered hand

3 Dark guardian

3 Bedeviling scamp

3 Drive mad

2 Earthbone spinner

2 Dushnikh yal archer

3 Garnag, dark adherent

3 Hallowed deathpriest

1 Gatekeeper, the

3 Cradlecrush giant

2 Wrath of sithis

2 Grummite magus

1 Nahagliiv

3 Dark seducer

The disruption in this deck is akin to old suicide black type decks. It’s built to make your combo/control opponent suffer. The rest of the deck is filled out with anti aggro defensive cards. It probably still gets run over by crusader, but it will beat all the bad aggro prophecy decks you see on ladder. Just play the control game and make favourable trades. Against control you make their life miserable and see if you can chip their health away.

Scamp and cultist give you a big edge against market decks.

Okay, so instead of talking choices, I thought it would be easier to talk about exclusions.

No Haunted spirit, no young mammoth, no bleak troll and no corrupted shade. You’re not racing anyone in this deck. Your slowly outputting annoying threats and pecking away at your opponents life total. Hopefully building a board cause you’ve disrupted their answers. Can’t rage against grummit, can’t icestorm against cultist, can’t curse/firebolt the scamp, can’t curve out against sithis etc.


No moose, no aundae sorceress, no jarl, no ash zerker. I find these value engine cards are great when you’re playing a low curve high threat density deck and those cards off the top represent racing potential. But this deck isn’t racing and these engine cards are easily removed. Playing a deathpriest or grummite to force a discard of the opponents value card is actually a similar difference.

This deck probably has a super bad matchup against strong tempo decks. But luckily they’re pretty rare on ladder. All the cards in this deck are extremely low tempo. And they’re just not good at fighting blood dragons or mournhold traitors or wardcrafters or cloudrest illusionists. If you do come across someone trying to control field lane on you, your best bet is to keep throwing stuff in front of them and hope to hit a cradlecrush swing turn, then recoup off unanswered dark seducer.

Disclaimer: I haven’t thoroughly tested this deck, half a dozen successful games on ladder, but I’m sharing it because I too am taking a break until they release a balance patch. But I’m not going make a bunch of salty posts in this sub because I don’t like it. I built a deck that’s fun to play. Please enjoy! If you don’t, stop playing!

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