The Elder Scrolls

Roleplayer’s OCD affliction, for those of us with.

TheElderScrolls9 - Roleplayer's OCD affliction, for those of us with.

I know there's plenty of us out there who seem to never be satisfied with the immersion of the game. Who can roleplay for hours only to load back an earlier save because we done something that 'feels' wrong. Maybe we killed a bandit the 'wrong' way. Maybe we walked into the Winking Skeever and talked to an NPC we felt we 'shouldn't'. Perhaps we got a random encounter that made us feel unimmersed, somehow. Maybe we wrote a backstory for our guy or gal, only for it to be contradicted by what an NPC or book said in-game. Or maybe we chose a certain dialogue option that felt out-of-character, even in the slightest.

It doesn't matter what it is, anything is fair game for this disease. It gets worse the more you load back, and the worse it gets, the more you want to restart your character. It really ruins the game, often making it to be more like a chore than a fun past-time or hobby. You are constantly monitoring your character's actions within the game, often tirelessly so. Quicksaving and hardsaving can either be your saving grace or a weapon of mass destruction. On one hand, you can get some relief from a problem by reloading to your recent save two minutes ago, without having to restart your character. On the other though, it can keep you reloading for hours, making an effective waste of your time.


The real problem lies within ourselves, not the game. Maybe we have actual OCD, or we just 'plan' our character's story in-game a little too much, and when it doesn't go our way, we feel compelled to reload. The thing is though, Skyrim's playthroughs never, ever, stay 100% true to your expectations. Just the other week, I made a Khajiit warrior, and as I made my way to Riverwood with Hadvar, a group of a bandits with a chief duo were shooting arrows from across the river at us. Never happened to me before.

I can't solve the problem for you guys, but I can give some advice, even if it doesn't work for everyone:

  1. Realise that your playthrough will never go perfectly. All playthroughs have some stupid glitch that ruins immersion, some big, some small.

  2. Try making an 'Unimmersive' character. Roleplay, but do things that feel uncomfortable. Act unrealistic, maybe sprint around in a shop. Or jump inside of a forge and wait for 14 hours. Give your person a nonsensical name, maybe your real name. Do silly things that would bother you. I've done this, and it's helped a lot.

  3. Take a break and play another game where you don't have this Roleplaying OCD issue, it may help set you back into the 'it's just a game' mindset.

I hope you found some sort of help in this post. And if you read this far, thanks, I appreciate it.

Also, share your Roleplaying OCD stories, I'd be interested in reading them.

TLDR: Just read it or leave it.

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