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So, you made a new character with a lore-friendly name, and now you want to get into the lore-friendly roleplaying aspect of the game. Well, you're in luck, cause I'm gonna tell you everything you need to know about making your character actually interesting instead of a copy + paste, unoriginal piece of shit toon.

Create a Backstory: The first step to having a a roleplay-worthy character is giving them an interesting backstory. By interesting, I mean actually interesting, not giving your Nord Stamknight the backstory of, "He was born in Skyrim and served in the military." No fuck, dipshit. That's the most boring backstory you could have come up with. Tell about their childhood, aspirations, and how they came to be the person they are in-game. Give them an actual life and personality instead of a mindless, mob-killing drone.

Make a Sick-Nasty Title: Every character deserves a fucking awesome title that's related to their overall theme. For example, "The Swordsman" would be a shit tier name for a Magsorc. "The Justiciar" wouldn't be a good name for a thieving assassin. Make sure the names fit the character you're building.

Wear Appropriate Gear: Appropriate gear that fits your character's theme is vital for roleplaying. If your character is a holy Templar paladin but you're wearing metallic red Daedric armor, you are doing it completely wrong. If you're playing a savage, inhuman werewolf, wear something like the Primal or Barbaric sets. If you're playing a more noble fighter who is a werewolf (like the Companions), then wear the Skinchanger set.

Choose Your Quest Choices and Factions Accordingly: It may be tempting to join every single faction to get all the xp you can, but stop and think about whether your character would actually join a certain faction. Would a bulky, brutish Orc really join the sophistocated minds of the Mage's Guild? Would a heartless assassin really join the noble warriors of the Fighter's Guild? Probably not. Also think about the decisions you make in quests. For example, if you have to decide between sending someone to prison or killing them, really think about what your character would do in that situation instead of just pressing whatever you would do.

Personalities: Whenever you can, give your character a personality. Personalities give your character different walking, running, and idle animations. If you're playing a masterful mage, use the Telvanni Wizard personality. If you're playing a happy-go-lucky bard, use the cheerful personality. It really helps to break up the monotony of the standard animations and give some life you an otherwise boring character


Example: Now that you know how to make an character that isnt as bland as beige walls at a DMV, I'm gonna give you an example of a ready-to-play character following all of the rules above.

•Title: The Bulwark

•Race/Class: Nord Stamknight, Tank


The Bulwark was raised in Solitude by a single father following the death of his mother during his birth. His father was a member of the Solitude city guard, and The Bulwark was constantly in and around the barracks. He was obsessed with the city defenses, from the towering walls and archers atop them to the foot soldiers carrying shields adorned with the wolf crest of Solitude. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a guard just like his father. Upon turning 18, he enlisted to join the city guard and began his training. He worked out every chance he could, and when he wasn't building muscle, he was practicing combat with a mace and shield.

Seven years later, The Bulwark was the captain of the Solitude guard. A hulking brute of a man, standing taller than even most Orcs, The Bulwark was widely renowned for his strength, endurance, and committment to service. One day during his first year as captain he grew bored of the confines of his office and left his lieutenant in charge while he took a day trip to check on Dragon's Bridge. On his trip, however, he was ambushed by cultists of Molag Bal. He put up a valiant fight, taking several of them down, but he eventually succumbed to their superior numbers. He was taken prisoner and led to Mannimarco, who took his soul, imprisoned him in Coldharboir, and, well, you know the rest…

•Armor/Weapons: Full Silver Dawn body armor to represent Solitude's wolf crest. Be sure to dye it a shade of red, since that is Solitude's color. An Argonian mace for top tier clubbing action. Tier 4 Nord shield for the traditional Nordic buckler.

•Factions: Fighter's Guild

Personality: Use the Commander personality. The Bulwark is a stern, disciplined captain, and the Commander personality perfectly represents this

Ending Notes: Now that you have everything you need to build your character for optimal roleplay experience, get out there and make some characters. Feel free to share ones you already have, or new ones that you creats

Edit: I forgot to add personalities in

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