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Roleplaying Guide for Dummies

TheElderScrolls3 - Roleplaying Guide for Dummies

So, you wanna get into roleplaying, but you're not sure where to start? Well this is the guide for you! Roleplaying is a fun way to get immersed in the world of Tamriel, and connect more with your character. So, here are a few simple steps to roleplaying that even a Nord could understand.

1. Choose a Lore-Friendly Name: The first step to roleplaying is choosing a lore-friendly name. Each race in Tamriel has a specific way that they get their names, and if you aren't sure how to get a proper name, check out this guide I made a while back:

2. Create a Background: Every person in Tamriel has a history behind them, and your character is no different. For a good roleplay experience, your character should have a background that explains how they got to where they are. Think of their race and class and how that can tie into their past. Backstories don't have to be extremely complicated, either. Even a simple past can be effective for roleplaying.

For example, if you're playing a Breton Sorcerer, a backstory could be that they were raised on a farm and had an innate gift for magic, so when they turned 19, they used all the money they saved to move to the city and join the Mage's Guild. After a couple years of honing their craft and becoming adept in magic, they were sent on an expedition to recover ancient tomes. Unfortunately, they were caught by Mannimarco at the site and sacrificed to Molag Bal (going with the default beginning).

As another example, an Orc Templar could be that they were raised as an orphan in a Temple of Arkay, following in the ways of the priests. However, they always felt a call to do more than stay inside a chapel all day doing menial tasks and praying. To the priests' disdain, the Orc bought a mace and set out on a quest to use the power of Arkay to do good in the world, killing undead terrorizing villages and slaying bandits in the name of the Divines. However, their reign of good came to an end when they were caught by Mannimarco in a tavern and sacrificed to Molag Bal.


3. Create a Fitting Outfit: To go along with the class and backstory, every good roleplay needs a fitting outfit to go along with it. With nearly 80 motifs to choose from, there's an outfit for every race, class, and creed. Be sure to choose a motif that fits in with your character's theme

. If they're a Warden that was raised in the wild, a civilized suit of shining armor might not be the best option. Instead, the Barbaric, Primal, Coldsnap Goblin, or Wood Elf motifs would be a good fit. A Redguard Nightblade might wear the Mercenary or Outlaw motifs.

4. Making the Right Choices: When questing in ESO, you'll sometimes come across choices to make. When making these decisions, don't make them based on what you would do. Instead, make them based on what your character would do. For example, a quest in Khenarthi's Roost deals with a family farming moon sugar for extra money, and their father has recently died from a skooma overdose. You can choose to hand the moon sugar to the authorities and have the family arrested for skooma peddking, or give the mood sugar to the family and let them live free.

Even if you want to be compassionate and let the family be free to grieve the loss of their father, if your character comes from a background of upholding justice, you should choose to hand over the moon sugar to the authorities. After all, there are more ways to earn money than breaking the law.

5: Chatting as your Character: When it comes to talking in zone chat, a good way to roleplay is to talk as your character. It's important to remember that certain races have certain phrases or speech patterns to follow. Nords are prone to call weak people "milk-drinkers;" a Dunmer's favorite insult is "n'wah;" Khajiit usually speak in third person, calling themselves by their name or saying "this one" instead of "I." Argonians have many strange sayings, such as saying "I erect the spine of gratitude" instead of "Thank you" or "May the river's flow grace your scales" instead of "Good luck."

Hopefully this guide has helped enlighten you with some roleplaying advice, and hopefully it has encouraged you to get in and try some roleplaying. Thanks for reading!

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