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Root of frustration

TheElderScrolls13 - Root of frustration

Everything I have seen on reddit. Be it either tri-colours, brain-dead face aggro, unfun action removals, boring meta, only few decks are playable.

All connect to the conclusion is that the game is unbalanced mess favouring broken cards that are auto included in every decks and have nothing to to with actual strategy.

Auto-include cards are bad for every card game.

Ranked is filled with most "optimal" decks which are copied from the pro players.

People hate tri-colours because they are playing against broken cards from 3 different colours, instead of just only 2.

Every time new cards are created. Old cards are switched with new stronger auto-include cards.

Optimal would be if we had a choice to choose from 3-4 different cards with the same power but in a different way.

Most of the frustration could be corrected with nerfs to not just 5-6 cards per 6 months, but an actual nerf hammering to the auto-include cards (like a 100 cards). Either by reducing their stats or introducing conditions on them. We got a rune system that is not utilised properly. Wilds incarnate is a card that relies on the number of runes that you have. That system could also apply to many of the currently abused cards.

Future expansions should actually expand on the options we have and not replace the current strong card with another card that does the same but is stronger.


Don't only introduce new mechanics, but actually expand on the current 1s. Strategies: last grasp, unsummon, rally, factotum, move, pilfer, slay, combos, zero cost, dwemers, tribal decks, loop combos, dual cards, treasure hunt and so on.

I know true balance can never be achieved, but it is not so hard to reduce the power of auto-include cards.

TESL thus far is not a very complicated card game. It is easy to understand and fun to play, but if everyone is running the same 5-10 decks on ranked. Then there is a problem.

I am someone who has over 100 decks and play every type of decks. The inspiration to create something new is what drives me to play this game. I would be very sad if the rest of the tri-colour decks would not be introduced. I already have over 50 deck idea to make from the new colour combinations.

Some people say balancing a card in tri-colour in mind would ruin it in dual colour. That is a valid point. Solution would be to use the runes/deck colour to limit the cards power.

Example: in tri-colour the card's full effect can only be used if you lost 2 runes or if you have 3 different colours then the card has a weaker effect.

Some cards are weak as well to the point they are unplayable either their cost and value do not match or the current version of the game makes it very inconsistent to pull off their combo.

Final point: I personally think expansions should focus on expanding strategies that are already available and collections/story expansions should introduce the new mechanics.

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