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S9 Mobile Game Performance – Video

TheElderScrolls14 - S9 Mobile Game Performance - Video

Hello Guys, first of all I was asked to upload a video from SparkyDeckard but I dont know how to ping him. Maybe someone can help me.

I'm kind of disappointed with the performance on my S9 Mobile since the game went over to Sparky Client. ( Not meant offensively). Here is the video:

Now Deckard, if you could tell me if this is how the game is supposed to look and run, honest opinion – then maybe I need to move on or downgrade my expectations. This is a new account I have multiple ones and just used this one to create the video. Please dont mind the username , lol – its just the rather newest account which is clean. (I have a small bad habit of collecting things and then start collecting them again)

I have a S9 , all latest updates. Basically new phone, should be OK hardware to play the game. Yet all I have in game is micro stuttering and slow animations. I can play on mobile OR on my 250mbit stable wifi (working for ISP so I have deep insight about my connection and its fine).

For the test I just played against the AI on story because it doesnt make a difference, its always like this.

See the micro Stutter at the begin of the game ? While drawing cards or when cards are put pack to the deck. The 0,5 sec delay a creature is floating before it hits the board. The general responsiveness on the game went from DWD Client (Bad Loading times , Super fast game) , to your Client (Fast Loading times , super slow gameplay).


Look when my enemy plays Bruma Profiteer – thats ugly man.

As said again please downvote this thread I'm not attacking anyone nor am I talking bad about you sparky guys. You obviously put a lot of effort into developing the game. I just want to sync with everyone and you Sparky, if this is really how the game should look on mobile for now.

If it is – maybe I need to lower my expectations and wait for a few more updates. If it's not , maybe I can get help here. I played the game since launch and was a rather large supporter – and now I'm finding it hard to enjoy it just because how slow to play and unpolished everything got. I don't want to critizise, just asking all of you. I can use my pretty decent desktop at home and play, where it is better ( able to play all new games on ultra ), still it doesnt feel as responsive as it should. I rather use mobile because I'm not at home often.

Thanks and maybe someone can help me with pinging deckard! And thanks for beeing interested in my problems, thats quite a cool support.

i just want to be able to enjoy the game again because in my eyes its far superior to hearthstone and other games gameplay wise.

cheers guys

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