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Screen Artifacts — Only when playing ESO

TheElderScrolls7 - Screen Artifacts -- Only when playing ESO

Good morning, fellow ESO-ers!

For a couple of months now, I've been having problems with ESO giving me minor screen tears/artifacts. These only show up when I am playing ESO, only when I am tabbed into ESO — in other words, quite literally I have to be on and seeing ESO to have the screen tears/artifacts.

I have updated and downgraded my drivers many times to no avail. I finally thought that this might be my less-than-a-year-old 1080 Ti going bad, but I swapped it out with my father's, and the same issue persists. I do not overclock my GPU and it did not arrive pre-overclocked. My GPU's temperature is fine where it rests when ESO is running and I don't notice any memory leaks or anything of that sort when viewing resource usage. GPU averages at 36% utilization, GPU averages at 34%.


The tears are at their absolute worst right after I type in my information to log in, and I'm waiting to go to the character select screen. Very small tears show up here and there during gameplay.

Consider me baffled. Is this a bug on ESO's part or is there something I am not seeing on my end?

Thought to add: If I'm not tabbed in I can actually see the artifacts show up on hovering over the ESO window to preview it.

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