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Scrum debate – Catapult nerf – yay or nay?

TheElderScrolls3 - Scrum debate - Catapult nerf - yay or nay?

hi it's me

take your seats,

and prepare your statements – it's scrum debate!

Basically strictly abusing the fact that the reddit is being watched by people at Sparky (hi wrapter!), i wanted to discuss something that's very likely to be nerfed this upcoming week… no, I don't mean any control cards, although personally I wish I were. I'm talking about one chunky Catapult.

After a discussion with my friend Immortalaugust (you might know him as one of the top players of this game), I realized that there may be a split with valid arguments on both sides, so I figured I'd briefly sum up what I heard. First, I'll cover the side I'm on, which is…


Sike, you were expecting me to be against it?! Tough nuts. I wouldn't mind seeing the Catapult's stat line drop to 5/4. We don't reduce its attack, because proccing the "5 power" effects with it is actually rather fair and fun. As to why we're dropping the health to 4:

  • It's practically a staple in any aggro deck with Endurance – Currently you'd be hard-pressed to find something Endurance-related that doesn't run it. It's wide-spread, from your average aggro decks, to all-out dwemers, classes and houses alike – there's no fast purple deck in the game that at least doesn't consider running it.

  • It's relatively easy to activate for a fast deck and offers instant burst of damage or a practically free trade, especially into opposing Mournhold Traitors.

  • Skinned Hound makes it so that it's no longer fully dead on board – Goo- um… bad boy? Made it that much easier to successfully utilize catapult thanks to spreading Guard. And, what do you know, a big 5/7 wall is an issue to deal with. This synergy alone elevates Catapult a bit into late-game territory, since you have a cheap, strong guard and a small body to play in the opposite lane. This duo can interrupt races pretty well.

  • Wide aggro has a hard time dealing with it without losing most of its board – Especially more tokeny decks cannot really take catapult down and survive – Cloudrest puts its attack to 1 which still is enough to end life of a buncha 2/1s.

  • Serious highroll potential – Two of these babies on board is hard to deal with and three is a crowd of its own. Unless your deck runs shackles galore, you probably won't be able to withstand this kind of offense, not to mention that they can just run silences of their own.


  • None of the Catapult decks are tier 1, tier 1 aggro decks' favorable matchups are decks with Catapults – both Crusader and Hlaalu are running circles around things like Sorcerer or Spellsword, both in terms of speed and comeback potential.

  • Catapult locks you down into a specific pathway – in order for Catapult to be a good card, you need to sort of center your deck around it. This means tons of low costed creatures that can fill a lane really fast. You can't really divert from this path, as anything slightly slower than a curve that ends at 5-6 magicka (with usually only 1 card at 6) will result in increased clunk.

  • Highroll is inevitable – Every deck can highroll. Especially in current, very highroll-oriented meta we're in, they are going to happen. Nerfing a card because of highrolls isn't really what one'd call fair.

  • Catapult will join ranks of Mantikora, Supreme Atromancer and Pathmage in that it's a nerf targetted towards less competitive playerbase – other than one specific person winkwinknudgenudge I think it's safe to say competitively no one considers catapult the biggest issue to fix. Granted, personally i spoke about big creatures galore in the game in my tiny article, It's by no means a priority to fix. Game offers a multitude of ways to remove Catapult from equations – Hard removal, lethal pings of any kinds (which for some reason we have a plenty of), sometimes just lethal creature will suffice. Also shackle. All of that, depending on which archetype you're playing, will move you a shred further towards your goal.

So? Your opinions? Suggestions? Comments and whathaveyou? By all means, do participate. If not for me, then for observers higher up!

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