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I've always felt quite dissatisfied with leveling after One Tamriel which I had suspected would be the case before the update hit. Progression before level 50 was more or less removed. One Tamriel was a pretty good solution to making all areas playable and integrating the playerbase. But level scaling everything takes the 'level' out of leveling- you're essentially just collecting exp to get to level 50 now, rather than actually leveling- and I think having two instances of each areas would change this.

Basically, there would be a leveling instance, and a normal instance. In the leveling instance, everything would be the same as it was before 1Tamriel, but only be accessible to players under 50. The normal instance would be levelscaled and accessible to all players. So under-50 players would be able to level as normal but if they want to play with other players, they can switch to the normal instance.

But why though?

Leveling in MMOs is often composed of content that is generally less intrinsically interesting and doesn't offer the challenge or group play or cool loot that you can get in endgame. Progression counterbalances this, as when you play through the game the content is changing as you level.

So to give a general example, when you're level 1, you might be able to kill a monster in two basic attacks. As you level up, the monster requires more attacks to kill (becoming more difficult without respect to your stats). At level 10, the monster requires 8 basic attacks from a level 10 character to kill, but now you're also more powerful (without respect to stats). You have a build that is more specialized towards a specific playstyle(e.g. facetanking, kiting). You have skills that do things like CC, heal, defend and AOE damage. So both the monsters and you become more powerful. This creates a different experience across different levels.

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In one tamriel, the monster no longer progresses. You will always(between level 5-49) need, say, 20 basic attacks to kill the monster, but you just get more ways to deal with it. You're still becoming stronger with more skills, but the enemies aren't progressing to match your progression- they just start out stronger. So leveling becomes a much more same-y experience rather than a normal progression otherwise. Just having more skills doesn't give the same feeling of progression as being able to apply these skills in fighting stronger enemies.

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