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Separating PvP and PvE balance changes

TheElderScrolls6 - Separating PvP and PvE balance changes

As most people who watch or test the latest changes on the PTR have already said, ZoS has once again had a kneejerk reaction and (in my opinion) overcorrected on DoT damage; reducing their damage by far too much and causing another big meta shift. This wouldn't be such a big issue if we hadn't already had a major change in the meta less than two months ago. Throwing in so many major changes all at once and then reverting or making some skills less effective than they were before within a timespan of only a month is not good for the game. If you don't give players time to adjust and learn the new meta, or adjust skills over a long period of the time so the meta changes gradually, you put the players in a position where they begin to stop having fun because they are constantly having to rebuild their character from the ground up and are always fearing the axe constantly looming over their heads, making them anxious about whether or not the next big patch is going to destroy their playstyle or not.

Now a big part of this is problem is caused by the fact that we only have one balance team and the changes that are made affect both PvE and PvP, this is a substantial issue because it is literally impossible to balance one without hurting the other. Take for example the current changes in the PTR, these reductions in DoT damage were headed up (as far as i know) by the lead of the PvP team because they were overperforming. Now if we were balancing PvE and PvP separately this would be a nonissue to change because what they changed in PvP wouldn't affect PvE, but unfortunately that isn't how things are run right now. By drastically reducing the damage for these skills for PvP, they have effectively crippled another playstyle for PvE, this coming after the fact they already crippled a lot of playstyles after Scalebreaker went live. The biggest problem with this, lies in the fact that almost all changes made to skill damage, or set effects is primarily because it is overperforming in PvP, but because the two aren't separate, it ends up reducing the overall dps in PvE, making end game content like Trials, DLC dungeons, etc more difficult because it lowers the skill floor and thus turns players away from the game because it is so difficult to master a class.


It's because of this that i am (yet again) suggesting the formation of two balance teams, one for PvE, and one for PvP. If we separate the two modes so that changes to skills, sets, etc affect only one and not the other then the threat of having a playstyle made ineffective becomes substantially lessened. Not only that but it will allow them to raise the skill floor to a manageable level while still ensuring that difficulty is consistent without having to hurt another aspect of the game to do so. They already have a very basic form of this in PvP via Battlespirit, but it isn't enough. A change like this needs to be done for the health and longevity of the game. The game isn't in a tough position like it had been when it first released, it is incredibly successful despite the serious (but fixable) flaws. At this point, separating PvE and PvP would only make the game better as would have a much easier time learning one and then the other. More players would join and more money would be coming into the game, allowing ZoS to make even more amazing content.

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