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Septim Dynasty And Dragonblood

TheElderScrolls3 - Septim Dynasty And Dragonblood

What’s the deal with the Septim Dynasty and dragon blood? Akatosh’s covenant says a Dragonblood emperor must sit on the throne, but as far as I can tell the dragonblood ended at the start of the dynasty.

Tiber Septim was Dragonborn. So his son, Pelagius, had dragonblood. Pelagius was killed, and his cousin, Tiber’s niece, took the throne. So unless Tiber’s father was actually Dragonborn and Tiber just had dragonblood, or they were descendants of the Reman or Alesia dynasties (which I thought were wiped out), doesn’t the dragonblood end with Pelagius?

But wait, there’s more! Uriel Lariat, not even a Septim, takes the throne. So even if the Septim line were descended from a previous Dragonborn, Lariat was not (as far as we know), and just took the Septim name. Same with Kintyra, the dark elf empress, and in her case, since all known Dragonborn are human up to that point, we can assume she probably didn’t have any relation to a past dynasty.

I’ve heard it suggested that Akatosh will grant dragonblood to those adopted Emperor’s but wouldn’t that make it redundant to defend Martin at all costs, if Akatosh was just going to give someone else dragonblood if he died?

Also, let’s assume that the Oblivion crisis spanned months, not the 6 days it takes if you go quest to quest haha… why wouldn’t the blades be trying to get Martin to make some more heirs, you know, in case he died haha.

The whole concept of dragonblood just doesn’t make sense to me

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