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Serious; Discussion: Fixing the problems of the group finder. What would you like to see?

TheElderScrolls3 - Serious; Discussion: Fixing the problems of the group finder. What would you like to see?

Fake tanks, laughably lackluster dps, healers without a heal on their bar, we’ve all been victim to these players. DPS especially face hours lost to these failed groups and many tanks have run a 2 hour long tank session just to requeue for new DPS on the final boss. This is a hassle, a waste of time, and most importantly a waste of xp. We need a solution and it is so much more simple than you would think.

Make sure that the player queueing for a given role can actually perform the given roll.

Here’s some examples and their applications

Below level 50- tanks need 20k health and a taunt/DPS need 10k DPS/healers need 2k hps single target and 1k hps aoe

Vet dungeons- tanks need 30k health 20k resists and a taunt/DPS need 20k DPS/healers need 5k hps single target and 2k aoe

Dlc dungeons- tanks need 30k health 25k resists a taunt and the ability to tank a hit(this could be a single hit that you would be expected to block and live)/DPS need 30k DPS/healers need 10k hps and 5k hps aoe

Now what does this do. No more fake tanks, no matter what your tank will at least have a taunt and some bulk. No more useless DPS, you’re almost guaranteed to at least see more than light attacks! No more fake healers, you will finally be able to run real tank sets instead of selfish tank sets because you know you aren’t solely responsible for your healing, or now you don’t have to slot that self heal as a DPS. This does not kill diversity as you can reach these minimums however you want, it simply ensures that you have the bare minimum requirements to at least attempt to fulfill your role.


How could this change be implemented? FIX THE UNDAUNTED INTRO QUEST!!!!!! Instead of the quest being, “do this easy dungeon”. It could be a proper introduction to dungeon roles and mechanics. This could give you three training areas to work on your skills for each of the three roles as well as provide the proving area where you can prove that your character can fulfill this role. Here you can practice skills like maintaining aggro on X enemies, block power shots, interrupt charge attacks, target skeleton to maintain DPS while avoiding aoe. Dodging an attacks thrown at you mid rotation, healing a target, healing many targets, and healing targets while avoiding aoe. This would actually show new players how to perform their role, and what is expected from them as a teammate. These changes would improve literally everybody’s experience with the group finder, and could greatly increase the playability for new players. Like this post if you would like to see these changes implemented, and comment your thoughts on other ways this could be improved. It’s posts like this and ideas from you the community that Spurs action on the part of devs.

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