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Share Your First Or Favorite Elder Scrolls Experience!

TheElderScrolls7 - Share Your First Or Favorite Elder Scrolls Experience!

I'm sure there are probably 1000 of these posts on here, but I truly never get sick of reading them.

For me, I remember my father sent me down the street on day to grab my older brother from his friends because it was dinner time. I went there and was just bitching and complaining until I could get him to leave. At this point these dudes were sick of me and I wasn't leaving. One of them said "Put him in the room with Morrowind". Little did I know, this would be a real turning point for me as a gamer.

At this point, I was a little kid. My gaming experience was Super Mario and whatever little driving or racing games I had. Only open world game I had played was Final Fantasy VIII, but it wasn't the same as Elder Scrolls. When they turned it on, I had to go through the character creator. I didn't know what to do really so I just made a Dark Elf because that was the default.

After my very quick stop in the Census Office I was out in Seyda Neen. I remember asking my brother's friend Casey (at least I think it was Casey) what I was supposed to do next. He told me "Do whatever you want". So naturally I was confused so I was like "Can I punch that guy?" "Fight that guard?" "Walk in that store?" "Buy or steal things?" and when he said yes to those. I was mind blown.


My early experience was confusing, but magical. I walked around just fighting Kwama and Cliff Racers (which don't bother me like they do most others) around this seemingly endless world. It was this moment that made me an RPG gamer. For years after, Elder Scrolls was almost exclusively all I played with my friends, we told others about and next thing I knew, nearly every boy in our class had Morrowind by the next year and we discussed it endlessly.

My favorite Elder Scrolls experience had to be how in my Pre-Teen and Early Teen years how me and 2 of my closest friends were so excited to have a new TES game. Oblivion had some out and we were so blown away. I think we were 12 or 13. We spent so much time in the Great Forests of Cyrodiil just looking at trees and seeing how they swayed in the wind. I also remember how terrifying those Oblivion gates looked and how freaked out we were by the Dremora.

Through our love of that game, I built two incredibly strong and loving friendships that have lasted to this day. We're almost 25 now, we all live far away from each other, have careers that generally keep us apart, and still routinely reminisce about how much fun we had in those early days of Morrowind, Oblivion, and even Skyrim when it released. Since we were in High School for Skyrim it gave us much more to discuss and have fun with.

Despite Bethesda being so mired in controversy and drowning in Fallout 76 hate, I wanted to bring some positive feels to the community by sharing my first and favorite moments I've had with Elder Scrolls.

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