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Here's mine: Toastie's Bestest Midrange Strategy.

Alright, all jokes aside, people who have seen me on ladder have probably noticed I've been playing two types of decks. A variety of differently teched versions of Token Crusader if I want to win games, and a variety of poorly functioning Midrangey decks for when I want to throw games play for fun. Midrange is really damn dead in this meta but it's my preferred playstyle so I'm still trying to force it to work…

Here's the lists I came up with:

  1. Monk: SPAHqcczejajqnnQdHAIdroagThjkGpVqHlZAJdfkVpTnMhnimdhcvdy
  2. Archer: SPAGpDgRfcbdjyqcAHaZirkNaUbKnMcvAKmGoorWccdEkVdhboprpT
  3. Assassin: SPAFmxaAjEqcfDAGnLnrhddVomoeALkgjHdhrCbokVdypTdIeXrq
  4. Battlemage: SPAJqdnHjVaAbKfvirooaUAHjEdIdVeFrqnLdEAJgyrCcrkAdPoejHmGcc

The Monk is very good at contesting the early board but it's also pretty slippery and hard to lock down. Your goal is getting the opposing player relatively low on health, then going face very hard with Monk's Strike, Swift Strike and Dawnbreaker. All of these are your finishers, so try to use them as such. You can easily hit ~15 damage in a turn, even from hand occasionally.

Archer is more straight-forward and it really ends up being a poor man's Dagoth at times, but you're drawing your big tools more frequently. This deck runs almost no draw, but you'll draw into your curve regardless. Use your tricks to fight for the early board, then around turn 5-6 you can start going aggressive very hard. Your defensive tools are very limited, so you will quickly end up in a face race. If you notice the meta going under you too frequently, consider adding Giant Snakes, which guarantee you a win in the race.


Assassin is the most flexible of all of these, but it's also the most "aggro" of the lists. You use the Ward tricks to contest the board somewhat, but most of the time you will want to maximize damage. Between the Racers, Bolts, Ancano, Tazkad, Snakes and the Guard package you are extremely good at harrassing and racing down aggro lists. Control will quite comfortably get the better of you, though. You could try adding Shadow Shift if that happens too frequently. This deck can deal damage from hand very well, so use that to your advantage.

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Mid BM is the tried and tested, classic Midrange deck. This one plays more control-oriented. Using the Ward and Guard cards, you can generate a board that is hard for aggro to get past. Eventually, you aim to 1-or-2-turn your opponent. Mid BM sadly does not have access to heals and the meta is fairly high on accessible tempo Silences, so keep that in mind at all times. Definitely the hardest of these lists, but also the most rewarding!

None of these lists will be very good for climbing. You're probably better off netdecking Token Crusader and Aggro Sorcerer which are very simple, straight-forward decks that are relatively easy to learn and much more consistent. However, The "control then switch" playstyle of Midrange is something I personally really enjoy and miss in the current metagame.

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