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Share Your Potion and Poison Recipes!

TheElderScrolls15 - Share Your Potion and Poison Recipes!

I haven't found an intuitive source of ESO alchemy recipes, so I've been compiling my own list of potion and poison recipes. I know there are only a select handful which are used for meta PVE and PVP builds, but for the sake of flavor and exploration, I thought I'd share the ones I've found so far, and ask folks to share any I've missed!

What are some of your favorite potions and poisons to use?


Triple-Restore Potion

  • Restore Health + Restore Magicka + Restore Stamina
  • Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower

Maximum Healing Potion

  • Restore Health + Lingering Restore Health
  • Butterfly Wing, Scrib Jelly, Water Hyacinth

Tank’s Stalwart Health Potion

  • Restore Health + Spell Resist + Physical Resist
  • Bugloss, Mountain Flower, Mudcrab Chitin

Mage Slayer’s Restorative Potion

  • Restore Health + Restore Magicka + Spell Resist
  • Bugloss, Columbine, Mudcrab Chitin

Mage’s Spell Power Potion

  • Restore Magicka + Spell Damage + Spell Critical
  • Corn Flower, Water Hyacinth, Lady Smock

Mage’s PvP Potion

  • Unstoppable + Restore Magicka +Spell Critical
  • Columbine, Lady's Smock, Namira’s Rot

Warrior’s Weapon Power Potion

  • Restore Stamina + Weapon Damage + Weapon Critical
  • Water Hyacinth, Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle


Warrior’s Defense Potion

  • Physical Resist + Protection
  • Mountain Flower, Beetle Scuttle, Mudcrab Chitin

Warrior’s Mobility Potion

  • Weapon Power + Speed + Restore Stamina
  • Namira's Rot, Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle

Berserker’s Critical Boost Potion

  • Weapon Critical + Spell Critical
  • Water Hyacinth, Dragonthorn, Lady's Smock

Escape and Evade Potion

  • Invisibility + Speed
  • Namira's Rot, Scrib Jelly, Nirnroot


Assassin’s Deadly Poison

  • Ravage Health + Gradual Ravage Health
  • Nightshade, Fleshfly, Blessed Thistle

PvP Handicap Poison

  • Ravage Health + Raise Magicka Cost + Raise Stamina Cost
  • Stinkhorn, Emetic Russula, Scrib Jelly

Giant Slayer’s Maiming Poison

  • Reduce Damage + Drain Health + Drain Physical Resist
  • Luminous Russula, Mountain Flower, Mudcrab

Mage Bane Rooting Poison

  • Immobilize + Reduce Weapon Critical + Drain Spell Critical
  • Lady Smock, Emetic Russula, Water Hyacinth

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