The Elder Scrolls

Should I come back?

TheElderScrolls3 - Should I come back?

I left the game back in August because of college and new games were being released in the coming months and besides I was addicted.

I mostly did Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds so I plan to go back into that all the same and kill some enemies. I play on PS4 NA so I would need to download the game once again and set myself up. Especially with recent games dissapointing me a bit I was thinking of joining back.

Main questions are, what state is the game in? Is the game still very active PVP wise. I mainly play Sorc so what changes have been made to Sorcs since August, like do damage shields still take one second to cast or did they remove it. What alliance is doing better in PS4 NA? In August it seemed like Ebenheart Pact controlled it mostly and AD was loosing power.


I an a Daggerfall Covenant player so had DC gotten better in Cyro since August or are they still 3rd.

And do you think the game in general is worth going back to? I found out college isn't going ti be as deadly as I thought and I have alot of time on my hands. And with recent games such as Fallout 76 disappointing me, Battlefield 5 getting stale and broken, and Red Dead 2 online being a little empty, I am looking for something else to play.

So ya would you guys say its in a good state to return fir PvP content?

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