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Should I craft or find light armor at level 10-15 ?

TheElderScrolls10 - Should I craft or find light armor at level 10-15 ?

So, I used to play Skyrim like 2-3 years ago, had like ~160 hours there. I have played Witcher II and III for about the same amount of hours.

I created this character two days ago in Eso, Breton, Sorcerer. I’m leveling magicka balls deep. Currently at level 10-11 and I feel like I’m at the point where I should start leveling my light armor, because I have been rocking whatever I found around the world.

I read on some forums that 3/7 pieces of light is okay for leveling and by 50 I will have it leveled nicely. I know you’ll say early game it does not really matter and you should take whatever is available but I’m a solo player which I know sucks for this game and yes I know I’ll have some places coming up where I will have to group up.

But whatever can be done solo, I do it solo, because I like exploring and looting where a lot of players who I’ve grouped up with, each for like 2 minutes or so, they have been running towards the quest ignoring the exploration and it makes no sense to group up for me, so that’s why I want to be little more op as a solo at the start than other players of my level, so I can handle stuff solo.

I don’t remember crafting in skyrim, I remember that you had to level it. But from witcher I remember that you had to have a paper thingie for it which is also a thing(npi:) in this game but it does not show the stats of the armor at this clothier which sucks and I cannot seem to find any of these thingies in the world, I should have found at least 1 by now with 30 ish hours in.

  1. So I have to buy it not knowing what it is or try to find them around the world ?
  2. Is there only two ‘models’ (in my case?) of light body armor (cosmetically) in this clothier’s (in Vivec City(yes Morrowind)) or do I get more ‘models’ as I find these paper stuff (which I don’t even know if you can loot, again)
  3. Or are there different cosmetic light armors in different parts of the world (on different crafting spots) ?
  4. Does it change cosmetically once you upgrade it ?
  5. Is there some kind of new system of skins in this game, where you will have your armor but can change it cosmetically without changing its stats ?
  6. Also I keep finding medium armor which is far too superior to my current light armor even in magicka stats and I keep overthinking if I should use it or sell it (since I want to wear light armor) ?

Crafting is good in my opinion for me at least because you can upgrade whatever you want which is light armor in my case.

Also I know I will level as I try to find some armor stuff and by then won’t need that armor any more so another reason why I would prefer crafting.

I cannot seem to find all my specific answers around the web and game does not really explain stuff. So please reddit enlighten me.

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