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Should Loot Crate get posts be against the subreddit rules?

TheElderScrolls14 - Should Loot Crate get posts be against the subreddit rules?

Every week we see at least two of these posts, so I assume people know what I'm talking about.

"I just spent $5! and I got the Radiant Apex Mount! First crate ;)"

"Wow guys, look what I just got! Only my 3rd crate!"

"I only grab a crate every 3 months, and this month I got a Apex reward guys!"

"I got this crate from leveling up/buying the expansion and it gave me the Radiant Apex!"

It used to be far less frequent, maybe every few months, but they've started to show up nearly twice a week if not more. Always the same post structure, always the same setup. This person was so lucky and got such a cool reward!

Here's the problem.

A. At best this is just base gloating. These are incredibly rare rewards, and this is at it's best just rubbing it in the communities face. No real discussion or interesting conversation can come of this. I get the element of wanting to share something like this with people, but there are better avenues.

B. This is false advertising. The average amount of crates one would need to buy to get a Radiant Apex Mount is $1500. The average amount to get a Apex is $400. These aren't sustainable or healthy numbers, and shouldn't be encouraged. And definitely shouldn't be shown to new players looking for community/community advice as "I just got one on my third ever crate.".


C. At worst it's actively hurtful to members of this community who do suffer from gambling problems. I could post dozens of articles about how mechanics like the ESO lootboxes can very easily cost people their homes, their familes, and thousands of dollars as they pump their life savings into trying to get the best rewards. Gacha games and mobile games also tap into this gamblers fallacy problem.

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Hopefully this isn't happening, but I don't imagine coming to this community to post content/discuss stuff and then seeing posts about easy lootbox wins is good for people with that lack of control/gambling problems. I could very easily see that leading to the path of "well they got one easy…" and "whats one more crate.".

As I said I get it. A lot of these posts are just people who got really lucky and want to show off for a few brief minutes. But maybe it's time to either make a crate unboxing Reddit for that, or to simmer it down, because we are rapidly approaching the point this becomes little more then advertising to get new people to buy lootboxes to try their luck after seeing such stories.

Thoughts? Comments?

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