The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim fan interested in exploring TES4 and TES3.

TheElderScrolls2 - Skyrim fan interested in exploring TES4 and TES3.

Hello people,

Its safe to say ive played my fair bit of skyrim, as probably most people in this subreddit, but Skyrim was my first ever TES game and first ever open world game that I really go into. Ive recently considered trying/re-trying the older TES games and wanted some guidance/information.

This will probably become a long thread, as a pre warning.

I should say that I have tried Oblivion before (only briefly, maybe 6 hours as a guess) but for some reason just couldnt get into it. Possibly because I was used to the modern graphics and game design of Skyrim for its day, and possibly for doing what I end up doing in most games like this and rushing the main story.

I should also mention what is most important to me personally when playing games like these, these sections are rough and ill probably go off on tangents:

World space:

I think one of the reasons I couldnt get into Oblivion had something to do with the landscape, green grass, trees, castles, cities and ruins is what I ended up seeing the most in Oblivion. I tend to prefer a more 'Fantasy' look, the weirder the landscape, the cooler to me. While Skyrims landscape isnt anything that 'different' it is filled with gorgeous views, variation in landscape and places of interest. Many waterfalls, huge mountains, snow/grass/swamp/hot springs. Then theres blackreach, the soul cairn and sovnegard for example (had more of a 'wow factor' for me.) If the game rewards and encourages exploration thats always a big positive for me.


Now, I realise that morrowind is a step back in combat, and Oblivion too (even though the magic system seemed better.) One thing in combat that I look for the most is variation, I always end up leaning towards some for of spellsword or mage because magic is cool. Maybe there are mods that can modernise the combat of the older games?

Main Quest:

The main quest has to be intriguing and interesting enough for me to get invested into (preferably early on but not a necessity) from interesting plots and characters. Simple enough

Character builds and General Gameplay:

Im far more into theory crafting viable and interesting builds than role playing, In skyrim my focus in gameplay is often on how to progress and how to dispatch of foes, I rarely read the books, and often skip dialogues (which probably ruins the experience for myself,) but the option to skip is there and I can be impatient. However I do choose a certain mindset for my character like if im playing some sort of paladin, I will try to make good decisions, help people out and not steal/murder for example.


Items and armor, I love collecting a piece of armor or weapon that is better than what I have currently equipped, the sense of progression and the upgrade is awesome. Although in skyrim you know what items are going to appear at what levels, I quite like that? I dont know why but I do, I like that I can go anywhere pretty much and explore from the get go.


There are some really cool npc's in skyrim like Cicero, Miraak, Sheogorath and Serana for example. Im sure there are these in Oblivion too but I probably didnt play long enough to meet them.

On the enemies side of things, Skyrim has dragons, draugr, mages of all types, bandits, dragon priests, wild animals, vampires and so on. I do wish there were more interesting creatures/people enemies though but maybe its because ive played the game so much that theyve lost their interest.

Side Quests:

Good side quests are a must for me now, you can only the play the same Main quests so many times before you can recite it in your head. And the main story in skyrim is the same no matter what build your are or who youve sided with/what you have accomplished in the game up until that point. Makes replayability a bit tedious sometimes.


I play Skyrim on xbox, meaning that im not playing in some full HD 4k game as a comparison. Oblivions graphics werent amazing when I tried, I had a few small graphic mods installed and generally it was 'okay.' I play it on a laptop hooked up to my monitor with mouse and keyboard, it isnt a gaming laptop/PC so I realise that graphics arent going to be great either way. But the Oblivion faces in vanilla are pretty odd looking… The main graphics im concerned with is terrain, lighting and maybe faces? I realise that graphics in morrowind/oblivion are never going to be Skyrim level for me but I thought id mention it.

I think I covered the main points of what I enjoy / am looking for. Which out of Morrowind and Oblivion would you say would suit my preferences the best? Should I retry oblivion, being a game I couldnt get into because of the terrain and tedious oblivion gates, or try in Morrowind where the world seems more interesting, but the gameplay and graphics are outdated?

And are there mods to modernise mechanics / certain aspects of the game, like as I understand Morrowinds combat is % based, that doesnt sound very enjoyable to me, I swing, watch the sword go through the enemy, and miss? No. Is there a mod out there that is full voice acting for morrowind for example?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

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