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Skyrim is helping my parents with their mild homophobia.

TheElderScrolls14 - Skyrim is helping my parents with their mild homophobia.

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The title doesn't scream and stuff but I'll be honest, they're not the "kill all gays". They know it exists but don't particularly like to mention it. There'll be a few times where I, or my siblings, will say something somewhat gay, and the room quiets down for a moment. My mom usually laughs it off and isn't too uncomfortable by it. However my dad is fairly uncomfortable and will often drag one of us to the side and give the classic: "being gay isn't bad BUT, please don't be gay :)".

Now, here comes the savior, the gift handed down from the port master himself, Todd Howard. He spammed ports towards the switch and gave my family access to Skyrim. Now, for the first few solid months we were all binging this game, and it was hard to even get an hour or so of time. But as days went on, our ADHD brains began to forget the glitchy masterpiece.

Flash forward to a year or so, both my parents decided that they needed to test their marriage, to test if they'd really be together in sickness and in health, and!!… They both messed up their right feet. My mom sprained her ankle, and my dad was much more unfortunate with a full on execution of his achilles tendon. So, both of them were couch-ridden, and were fairly bored by the mass amounts of time. So one thing comes to another, and my mom decided to pull out Skyrim again, and considering she owns a goblin fleet of five children, we all wanted to play too. I got the short, or regular straw, depending on how you look at it, and could only play early morning. First few days, pulled all nighters, I was making so much gold and I leveled nearly 4 or so times! And for a level 70, that was pretty decent.

Finally, I figured out that marriage was in the game. I decided I loved orcs, and I loved blacksmithing, so I got the best of both worlds, Moth Gro-bagol. Although, my in-game character was a guy. I never gave a full speech that my in-game character was canonically gay, (definitely not me haha-) but I mentioned Moth a few times. I finally did a tour of my house, and showcased my Orc husband in all his glory… While both my parents were in the room. Usually this isn't a problem since I have both zero fear AND zero braincells but I was a little stressed that my dad would up and ban me from the game. Instead I heard from him a small


"So, is your character a girl?" With a anxiety-filled breath, I said no. Then the room went a bit quiet again, but I continued to play.

A few awkward days later, my husband got kidnapped. Skyrim, the game being the way it was, kept on completing the entire quest before I could save Moth, dooming him to probably clean Todd Howard's windows or something. After a solid hour, I finally had the plan. I had to discover the place where he was kidnapped before hand, then teleport after I found the ransom letter. I got killed multiple times, don't play on expert if you're a casual, but finally, I succeeded. Once Moth got home he began to glitch a bit because, Skyrim, but he was safe. I told my parents this story of woe, sacrifice, and victory, and surprisingly, they weren't bothered! My mom even had either a glint of pride or vast disappointment, who knows.

Yet another few days later, I find my mom conversing with Moth, actually calling him my husband, and cracking jokes about how he doesn't give any gold to her when she sells things. And! She did research on the best skyrim wives because she thought it'd be funny if all our skyrim characters were massively gay. My dad on the other hand, wasn't as over enthusiastic. However, he had actually still mentioned Moth as my husband, and seemed to be a lot less uncomfortable. A small success, but a grand step.

And that, my friends, is how Bethesda's love child of glitches and dragons is slowly convincing my parents that maybe being gay isn't all that bad.

Now, this story isn't over yet you see. I have only told to what has happened up to the present, but if y'all want me to update this with different posts, I'll go ahead and do that.

TL;DR: I got a husband in skyrim, he got kidnapped, and after spending a solid hour trying to rescue him because Skyrim, I saved him. Recounted the story to my mildly-homophobic parents and they were semi-impressed. My mom now converses with my Orc Blacksmith husband on her game and makes comments at how he gives all his gold to me. And my dad isn't incredibly uncomfortable anymore around gay things.

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