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Skyrim Modded Build – The Ronin

TheElderScrolls6 - Skyrim Modded Build - The Ronin

I gotta make one thing clear. This build is based on the

but with the power of modding, I managed to improve this build and add roleplaying possibilities.


  • Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim
  • Imperious Races of Skyrim
  • Vokrii – Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim
  • Andromeda – Standing Stones of Skyrim
  • Wildcat
  • Left Hand Rings
  • Combat Gameplay Overhaul
  • Mortal Enemies.- DeAimbot Your Foes
  • Classic Classes and Birthsigns
  • Reliquary of Myth


  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
  • iNeed
  • Alternate Start – Live Another Life – New Beginnings Extension
  • Stamina Matters
  • Truly Absorb Dragon Souls (Or something similar)
  • Smart Training
  • Sleep To Level Up


Dark Elf (for the sake of roleplay)

Other races that work great with this build are

  • Redguard
  • High Elf


The Warrior


Custom Class


  • Mage/Warrior (Early game)
  • Atronach (Late game)


  • 1 Magicka
  • 2 Health
  • 2 Stamina


  • ONE-HANDED – One-Handed Mastery, Disciplined Fighter, Overpowering Assault (2), Furious Strength, Valorous Charge, Crater Maker, Execute, Disarming Slash, Victory Rush
  • ALTERATION Mage Armor (3), Magic Resistance (3), Battlemage (2), Sorcerer's Robes, Stability, Ocato's Preparation, Telekinetic Force (2), Alter Self (2), Initiate (Optional), Atronach, Telekinetic Prodigy
  • RESTORATION – Restoration Mastery, Mercy, Inner Light, Respite, Vigilant Ward (2), Harm, Ward Absorb, Blessed, Mage Ward, Eternal Flame, Intervention (Optional)
  • ENCHANTING – Enchanting Mastery, Soul Squeezer, Weapon Enchanter, Armor Enchanter, Soul Siphon, Soul Enchanter, Thunderstruck, Regalia Enchanter, Extra Effect
  • SPEECH Speech Mastery, Tonal Harmony, Bribery, Words of Power (3), Eloquent, Salesman. Investor, Skald, Beastmaster, Private Stock, Master Trader, Dovahzulaan

MINOR SKILLS (From Classic Classes and Birthsigns)

Unarmored or Mysticism


DESTRUCTION (to augment your Shouts) Destruction Mastery, Augmented Flames (2), Augmented Frost (2), Augmented Shock (2), Raw Power (3)

TWO-HANDED (if you decide to switch to two-handed grip with your katana) – Two-Handed Mastery, Brutal Fighter, Overbearing Assault (2), Ferocious Strength, Vicious Charge, Berserker, Warmaster, Bear Hide, Rolling Charge, Sweep, Crowd Pleaser

BLOCK (To make blocking and bashing with your weapon more useful) – Block Mastery, Deflect Arrows, Power Bash, Unwavering Defense, Weapon Block, Quick Reflexes, Deadly Bash (2), Mocking Blow, Dragon Tail,


  • DRAGONBANE – Target takes 30 points of shock damage to Health and Magicka with a 10% chance of calling a lightning strike from the sky, dealing 60 extra damage to dragons
  • ANY ROBES – Alteration & Magicka Regen + Shalidor's Shield
  • UNARMORED BOOTS – Fortify Stamina + Link Magicka/Stamina
  • RING- Fortify One-Handed + Fortify Two-Handed (For Left Hand Rings) Resist Magic + Windfall
  • NECKLACE – Amplify Restoration + Fortify Health
  • CIRCLETS/UNARMORED HEADGEAR (Optional) – Deep Breath + Fortify Restoration



  • Candlelight (Alt)
  • Close Wounds (Rest)
  • Deep Storage (Alt)
  • Fast Healing (Rest)
  • Flesh Spells (Alt)
  • Heal Other (Rest)
  • Healing (Rest)
  • Healing Hands (Rest)
  • Lamb of Mara (Rest)
  • Mystic Wind (Rest)
  • Raise Wall (Alt)
  • Resurgence (Rest)
  • Telekinesis (Alt)
  • Transmute (Alt)
  • Undermine (Alt)
  • Wards (Rest)


  • Battle Fury
  • Become Ethereal
  • Disarm
  • Dismay
  • Dragon Aspect
  • Elemental Fury
  • Fire Breath
  • Frost Breath
  • Slow Time
  • Storm Call
  • Unrelenting Force
  • Whirlwind Sprint


Enter combat casting a flesh spell and Use the Whirlwind Sprint Shout to charge at the first opponent you see. Bash them and power attack. Cast ward to save yourself from incoming spells and charge at the opponent. The Ronin will also use the aformentioned Shouts in battle to be extra-anime. For extra versatility, the Ronin will also use Telekinesis to throw enemies in the air.


The Ronin once served Velanda Omani of House Hlaalu. The cultural clash of the Empire and the Dunmer has determined him to adopt a set of values similar to the real-world Bushido. He would always follow her orders and deliver perfection. However, his life slowly went down the drain when the Oblivion Crisis started. The Ronin was constantly out there pushing back the forces of Mehrunes Dagon and rarely had time to rest. When it did end, House Hlaalu lost its status as a Great House and Velanda, as well as the other Councilors were either executed or went into hiding, thus disbanding the house.

When the Red Mountain finally errupted, the Ronin emmigrated with other refugees to Windhelm, where he worked as a bouncer for various cornerclubs in the Grey Quarter which opened and shut down on the regular. He was constantly the laughing stock of Nords for his samurai demeanor, but he never retaliated, instead he did the unhealthy thing of bottling up this negativity. One night, a bloody incident the Ronin caused which involved a Nord who looked at him funny got him fired from his position.

Jobless and with no clear reason to take up his blade, the Ronin lost his house and was on the verge of losing the will to live until he was taken in by a priest of a small temple. There, the Ronin was given food and lodging, and in return he helped the priests with whatever they needed. As an added bonus, he was also taught basic Restoration to heal himself or others in need. Earning their trust, the priests sent the Ronin to deliver a missive in Cyrodiil. Overjoyed at the thought of finally leaving Windhelm, the Ronin took this sword, a change of clothes, other essentials and off he went, but upon crossing the border, he got caught by the Imperials and carted off to Helgen. All his possessions were lost, including the missive. Failing in this mission too, the Ronin readily accepted his execution. The moment Alduin made his appearance, the Ronin saw it as a second chance to prove his worth to the world.

Upon discovering that he is the Dragonborn, the Ronin will make it his mission to save the world from dragons and will stick with it no matter what.


  • The College of Winterhold
  • The Dawnguard
  • The Blades (I recommend the mod The Paarthurnax Dillema)
  • The Bards College and the Companions are optional.
  • To unlock the full shouts without needing to join other factions, use the mod Word Walls Relocated



The Ronin will wander Tamriel in constant search of quests to undertake or a worthy lord to serve. Although he usually works alone, the Ronin isn't above recruiting followers in battle which he will help in any way he can. He will mainly fight with his sword and later, shouts. The Ronin will never loot the equipped apparrel off an enemy's corpse, but he will take their gold, gems, or weapons if he finds them useful, then immediately sell them, and spend that gold on spells, training, shelter or if you have the iNeed mod, food and water. He'll donate money to the poor and stand up to the little guy.


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