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Skyrim questline ranking 2021 Worst to best

TheElderScrolls3 - Skyrim questline ranking 2021 Worst to best

SPOILER WARNING this is my opinion, please don't hate me for anything. I am on my third playthrough of the game so I have a good understanding of every questline

9 Bard college: Does this even count???

8 Companions: It had potential, it was just really boring and short. You are part of a group of warriors that are secretly werewolves fighting those silver people. I don't really know what they could have done to make this better

7 Civil War: this one also had potential. If you didn't know, while the game was in development they had so much planned for the civil war, it would be longer, you could attack every city (like markarth, and riften) you could loose battles, you could even loose the entire civil war but they never added these. If they did, the civil war would be much higher.

6 College of winterhold: very fun gameplay, ok length, the problem was that there were too many plot holes in the story and things that didn't make sense. They needed to do a better job explaining the story, other than that it's a decent story line.

5 Dark Brotherhood: PLEASE DON'T HATE ME JUST WAIT. I love the story so much, it's almost perfect. My problem is that they could have made the story line longer. You also never got a chance to get attached to a character because they all die before you get to know who they are. You barely get to talk to these people. But the story line itself when you kill the high king is spectacular, it just happens too soon in the story.


4 Main Questline: it never gets old, good length, fun gameplay, so why isn't it higher? It's the ending, your first alduin fight was amazing, it was hard, it was a challenge, it was raining fire, but at the end of the game when you fight him, ITS EASY. there are 4 of you, you easily destroy him. To fix this they should have made him much harder (example: how about the 3 other warriors get injured half way though the battle and you have to finish him by yourself) and they should have gave you a unique sword or armour set at the end of the game because all you get is a shout that is very underpowered (example: there is a mod where you can get a dagger called alduins fangs). Also, when you leave sovenguard, there isn't some cool ending, it's just a bunch of dragons circling you and praying to you. Other than that, this story is amazing

3 Dragon Born: Spectacular story, they shouldn't change anything, apocrypha is a scary place, mirak is an actual challenge unlike alduin, you get a great reward at the end, it's amazing. My only problem is not with the story line but is instead Solstheim itself (and this is my opinion). Solstheim is just such a depressing place, in skyrim the map has so much variety, Solstheim may be smaller but the entire map is just dark snow and ash, you never see the sun, but that's the point of Solstheim. Other than that, it's perfect.

2 Theives guild: I love everything about this questline, it's a very long questline and people hate on it for that but I love long storylines. My only complaint is that the first few quests are kind of boring but after that everything is perfect

1 Dawnguard: humans vs vampires, what do I have to say. this storyline is amazing, missions are fun, amazing new wepons, backstorys, secrets, new shouts, new skills, They also added aurriels bow which is my favorite wepon in the entire game (idk how to spell aurriel) this is my favorite questline.

Please don't hate me because my ranking is different from your, instead, tell me what you would change

What is your ranking? Comment down below

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