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Smithing changes ideas for TES VI

TheElderScrolls11 - Smithing changes ideas for TES VI

So I’ve been thinking about balancing for 6 and I think smithing needs to change quite a bit.

Here’s my main issue: in Skyrim you could improve your weapons and armor which made you more powerful than a character who couldn’t use smithing. The thing for me is that this makes characters who don’t take it significantly less powerful and I found it hard for myself to not end up taking smithing eventually which means I have to make up some reason why my stealth character is now a master smith.

Here’s how I would change it: make it a convenience thing. Convenience is pretty powerful, you just don’t often notice it when you have it but when you don’t. What if you can no longer improve armor and weapons but can still craft them.

Then to balance this out make armor and weapons in general harder to come by and more expensive or rare. So let’s say you can find the best armor and weapons in the game at a high level, like done with main quest. And there’s only one set. If you didn’t take smithing you would have to search for that armor and it would be pretty damn hard ( to make sure smithing does still have benefits). If you character took smithing they could find the raw materials and craft their own gear much earlier and easier than a player who didn’t.

But I don’t think this is enough, so here’s my second idea:



I just think that would be so cool. Like going to a collection of dwemer ruins and finding blueprints for improved dwemer armor pieces (boots, gauntlets, helmets in separate ruins) and then you can collect all of them to craft this super armor. What if you could also craft entirely new armour by finding special schematics.

Think of this idea as the smithing characters high level loot hunt. Other characters will be looking for the strongest base armour. Not you, you have that now you want the strongest armour. So I’m thinking blueprints scattered around the world in out of the way places to encourage exploration. Maybe some high tier weapon designs too (crescent for example)

I was thinking about this mechanic after playing morrowind, sometimes people want dwemer blueprints. They don’t do anything but you still have to find them. In Skyrim this was brought back somewhat except you could find the enhanced dwarves crossbow stuff and make that.

I think this would help balance things out, you could still be perfectly effective and meta without smithing, but you trade convenience and super armour. Or maybe you can craft it by paying a special blacksmith hundreds of thousands of gold. Not being able to improve weapons and armour also bleeds into the necessary changes that need to be made to daedric weapons. They were always weaker in Skyrim because you couldn’t upgrade them as well as base weapons.

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