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I felt shafted that Dagoth Ur wasn't included in Smolder Scrolls Online. So I wrote a Smolder Scrolls Online scenario for him. After choosing an option, take note of whether it's a + or – and then read the spoiler text underneath. Enjoy, n'wahs.

You approach Red Mountain. The Heart thrums ominously in the background.

An Ash Vampire leaps out from its hiding spot in a crevice. You dispatch it with your sword in one artful swing.


Welcone, Moon-and-Star, to this place where destiny is made. Come, and look upon the Heart.

I'm surprised you came to greet me yourself, Councillor. (+)


How could I do otherwise? It would be most impolite. Welcome, Nerevar, my old friend. I have prepared a special place for you. Bring Wraithguard, I have need of it.

I'll be looking upon a heart alright – and it'll be yours on the ground. (-)


Such hostility, sweet Nerevar. Follow me to the Heart Chamber, where we have further matters to discuss. And bring Wraithguard. I have need of it.

You follow Dagoth Ur into the depths of Red Mountain.

As you walk, you see Ash Vampires welding together Dwemer parts. One appears to be building a finger, another part of a rib.


They are building Akulakhan, the metal god that will lead the Sixth House and drive the mongrel dogs of the Empire from Morrowind.

Dagoth Ur stops in place in front of a grand door. With a wave of his hand, he opens it, revealing the Heart attached to a strange rigging.


Look upon the Heart. With it we will free the cursed false gods and return the Dunmer to the worship of a true deity – Akulakhan.

A most admirable goal. I think you'll find Wraithguard useful. (+)

Dagoth Ur takes Wraithguard from you.


You made the right decision. Together we will speak for the Law and the Land and form a Dunmer empire unmatched in history.

Dagoth Ur's eyes within his mask glow with gratitude, and perhaps something more. The red eyes glow wistfully, as if recalling a former age.

We? When did I ever express interest in your insane plan? (-)


Is this how you honor you honor the Sixth House and the tribe unmourned? Shame on you, sweet Nerevar.


I realize now that my choice of vocabulary was more… self-indulgent than I first imagined. I hoped that you would rule by my side as we did countless ages ago.


I may have been wrong about you. But it is not too late for my mercy.

Dagoth Ur grabs you by the shoulder and walks with you until you are but a few paces away from the Heart.

You feel its divine energy permeate your very being.


Nerevar, friend or traitor, I have called you here for a special reason.


In my slumber, I have dreamt of you. I knew you were the chosen one. Dagoth Ur welcomes you. Come to me openly. Join me, and we will restore Morrowind to its former glory.

I would be honored to stand beside you again, brother. (+)


Dagoth Ur's three red eyes glow joyously, like spurts of lava from Red Mountain.


Look upon Akulakhan! This is the glorious brass god with which we will unite Morrowind. In this place where destiny is made, we are truly graced.

It seems the Heart drove you madder than we originally thought. (-)


Strange. This outcome I did not foresee. What a fool you are. How could you be so naive?


It seems I will have to proceed with my plans on my own. Is it not ironic, that you spite me so in this place where destiny is made?

If you picked all + options


I always knew I could count on you, Nerevar.

You feel a tremor down your spine. But you're quite certain it didn't come from the Heart.

You can't hear what Dagoth Ur is saying now. All you can hear is that buttery-smooth voice.

You look into Dagoth Ur's hypnotic red eyes. Somehow, they don't feel so terrifying now. You see loneliness within them.

You take Dagoth Ur's hand and shake it hard.

It is lonely to be a god. Dagoth Ur is glad that you stand by his side.

If you picked a mix of + and – options


Perhaps I cannot count on you, sweet Nerevar. Perhaps you are too much of a wild card.


But to kill you would weigh heavily on my heart. Perhaps I will spare you. Only time will decide.

Dagoth Ur opens the doors of the Heart Chamber. He allows you to walk out.

As you leave, you see a flash of sadness in his glowing eyes.

Dagoth Ur considers you a friend, in his twisted sense of the word. That is a rare privilege.

If you picked all – options


I'm a god! How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence!


Have you any parting words? Or would you prefer to skip the speeches and get straight to business?


You are the challenger. To you I afford the honor of the first blow.

You draw your sword and leap at Dagoth Ur. He grabs the blade from your arm and lets you leap right past him. You slam into a wall.


Oh, please, Nerevar! Spare me! Hah-hah-hah-hah!

You've been forced into a dangerous confrontation with a god. Perhaps you should have been more tactful.

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