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So I finished the main quest

TheElderScrolls12 - So I finished the main quest

So, I just finished the main quest for the first time and honestly, it was pretty cool. My first Elder Scrolls game was Skyrim, and I'll say that I liked the main quest in ESO a lot more than the one in Skyrim simply because I actually cared about the characters. This has been the same with the other quests I've done in ESO so far (I did a few out of order). I'm honestly impressed because I didn't expect the stories in this game to have me invested like they did. I really hope TES6 takes some notes as far as making me care about the characters.

The characters were pretty likable (granted I'd spoken to Sai Sahan and Abnur Tharn a ton already), and I especially loved all the interactions they had with each other throughout many of the missions. there were moments where I genuinely laughed out loud because of Sai, Abnur, and Lyris' banter. The Fighters Guild quest was pretty cool too (didn't do Mages Guild), and I love how everything ties together in the end.

I did think Mannimarco would be a bit more of a threat in the story. The trailers kind of hyped him up but I was a little bummed about the fact that you pretty much just fight him once and then he's gone until the end of the story.

I know some people may not have liked it, but I think the Coldharbour section of the game was one of my favorite parts of the main quest. The quest leading up to it was pretty entertaining, where you had to convince the three leaders in the war to join forces against Molag Bal but the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild team up instead. I had no clue the following section in Coldharbour would be as long as it was, and while it was a little exhausting I enjoyed it a lot (it really reminded me of the VIGILANT mod for Skyrim). I love that there are all these people scattered about that you need to help, and that helping them would slowly build up this army to rival Molag Bal's forces. The idea of all these people being trapped in this hellish dimension and slowly trying to find a way to save the world and leave this place for good was just super appealing to me (I'd totally watch a movie or TV series with a premise like this).


I went and saved every person I could find (it took a while) and seeing all the characters I met and helped out standing together in those final battles was the coolest thing. The quests for each of them were mostly interesting as well (some were slightly annoying). I loved/hate that they gave me so many choices because I often found myself stopping the game for like 10 minutes to think about my decisions, even discussing them with other players in chat. Even if the decisions didn't necessarily matter, it was still tough having to choose between characters. The payoff of seeing all these characters I helped out fight alongside me was special. I even went and spoke to all of them whenever I had the chance to do so.

Then, of course, the Planemeld. Not gonna lie, it kinda hurt. When I learned that that particular mission would be suicide, I didn't really care that much because I obviously had to survive. But then several other characters I actually kind of liked showed up and I got worried. I was particularly worried for Faraniel. I sided with the lamia but I didn't kill the other wood elves, just like Faraniel asked. I honestly grew kind of attached to her (largely because my character's also a wood elf), so I was kind of upset when she and the two Dunmer mages didn't make it to Meridia's "shield." Same with Darien. It's a bit frustrating that we don't get actual confirmation of whether they lived or died besides just the assumption that they did based on what was said earlier. Also, I was upset that King Dynar died as well. I guess I should've known he would because letting the last Ayleid survive in a modern Nirn is I guess too good to be true.

The Molag Bal fight was kinda fun too, though it was pretty easy for me. I didn't expect it to be a 1v1 but it was cool. The armor you get from the Amulet of Kings was pretty too, and I wish it was easier to obtain for good. Also, RIP Varen. I chose to sacrifice him mainly because it made sense to me narratively. I already knew Sai is supposed to survive because I did his later quests already, and I knew Lyris was supposed to survive because of the Greymoor trailers.

Not sure where I'm going with this, but I'm honestly just glad I gave this game a chance. I wish the ending had a little more closure, but damn I enjoyed the story.

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