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So what does Dragonhold mean for me? (mini guide)

TheElderScrolls10 - So what does Dragonhold mean for me? (mini guide)

Hey! so you're a new player, or you have been gone for a while. There's a new expansion coming out this upcoming Monday the 21st. I'd like to write a brief overview of what it involves and what the balance changes mean for most people.

Dragonhold is a small zone expansion, about the size of clockwork city or murkmire. It does not contain any instanced group content (like an arena or trial) but instead is focusing more on story and quests in the zone. The main attraction is the process of "Rebuilding the Dragon Guard" to fight and vanquish the dragon menace that has been terrorizing (southern?) tamriel for the past year now.

Balance is tough. Currently, a lot of people are using most damage over time effects, primarily single target, as AOE dots cost too much and don't do enough damage, and spam skills don't do enough damage. Next patch it looks as though we'll be going back to a meta somewhat similar to what we had before scalebreaker; there are still a few really strong dots, but we now have room for a spammable, as a lot of costs have been increased.

What does this mean?

1) if you like story based content, Dragonhold will be a fun zone for you to explore.

2) If you like to do dps, your build is going to change again. Costs will go up, meaning sustain will stink. Try working on getting a sustain set like Grundwolf (s/p) from the new Moongrave Fane dungeon, or False God's Devotion from the sunspire trial.

3) Healers and tanks remain mostly unaffected, although the meta of DK being the one and only tank king is being dismantled. DK tanks are still fine, don't get me wrong, but with changes to the DK class lately, you will see more magicka and stamina DK's doing dps. AS a result, the unique things DK's bring to the table are.. less unique, and you will have more flexible room to try other tank classes, particularly the necromancer and warden. Warden is now one of the best healer classes because they have easy access to minor vulnerability on top of their great healing kit.


4) You can still keep playing whatever race/class/role combo you have, it just will likely need some adjusting unless you are already a sustain race (redguard for stam, breton for mag) or are already a warden healer. If you already main a breton warden healer, you're about to become extremely competitive this patch. All this of course depends on what content you like to do, so don't worry much if you don't play to do hard core trial raiding! And when I mean "adjusting", I don't mean anything you would need to buy in the crown store like a race change or anything, I mean skills and maybe a monster set adjustment.

Some predictions and bottom lines:

Magblade is back as a great dps

Wardens are one of the best healers/the best healer right now

You won't see 8 DPS stacking necromancers anymore due to the huge nerf to Major Vulnerability

Sustain took a hit

Spammables are back, and as such, light attack weaving and dot uptime is more critical .

If you have any general questions about the upcoming expansion and what it means for whatever content you like as a newer player i'd love to answer them!

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