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So you’re just starting out and need a class eh?

TheElderScrolls7 - So you're just starting out and need a class eh?

Hello everyone! I have a couple friends wanting to start the game and I wanted to give a rundown on how I view each class for each purpose. All classes can do anything in eso, so it can be overwhelming.

Why listen to some rando? Well, I've been top 100 on the deathmatch leaderboards for a week, and am fairly competent in PvE content as well. I am by no means the best player ever and some of my views may not be optimal, but I do my best to be knowledgeable on each class.

A new patch has just hit today so some info may be outdated, like magknight losing the blood for blood spammable and losing PvE prowess. I may update if needed.

PvP overlaps with Solo opinions as builds will mostly work the same
Difficulty is curved. Hardest is 10, easiest is 1

Common terminology:
spammable- an ability to press when everything else is applied and you need a filler
DPS- damage per second
AOE- area of effect
MMR- match making rating, in reference to BG matchmaking
DOT- Damage over time

Difficulty: 7/10 (stam dps is 10/10)
Magicka dps PvE: C Tier
Stamina dps PvE: B Tier
Tank: S Tier
Healer: B Tier
Magicka PvP: A Tier
Stamina PvP: A Tier
Solo Stamina: C Tier
Solo Magicka: A Tier

Dragon Knight thrives in cleave. Most of their abilities are damage over times and AoE, allowing good damage stacking. They also have a unique ability to give an external damage increase to your entire raid.
Magicka currently got shafted as their sustain has been terrible, and now made unviable by blood for blood, a spammable using health, blocking outside healing for 5 seconds. There is still a chance to run Magicka in PvE but you would need a self heal or slot a lot of magicka regeneration.
Stamina on the other hand has amazing sustain as their passives reduce stamina spent. Their cleave is just as good and can also apply penetration for your team, as well as having a unique ability to apply stagger to foes and increase all incoming damage. Very helpful to have in a Stamina heavy group without a DK tank.
Tanking on a DK is best in slot for many many reasons. They have amazing protections on their rotation without taking too many ability slots. You will be able to slot so many useful abilities to help your team do as much damage as possible, as well as being able to apply stagger stacks.
Healing on a DK is very situational. They do not have the best healing output or sustain, but they do make up for this by having many buffs to apply to the team. I do not recommend healing on a DK unless you have a full endgame team that is going for speedruns of dungeons.
PvP for both Stamina and Magicka have amazing offensive and defensive potential. Their offensive ultimate will catch rolls and also stun, making it incredibly good for starting a burst window.
Magicka has many CC abilities as well as playing much better as a melee caster. When they are up close, it's very dangerous for opponents and spells doom for squishy melee.
Stamina, as I have played it can also be very dangerous for all the reasons listed in the dps section. They can also build a heavy armor bulk variant (I prefer) with percentage healing that benefits you greatly when in a tight spot.

Difficulty: 1/10
Magicka dps PvE: B Tier
Stamina dps PvE: C Tier (at current time. New stamina spammable not tested)
Tank: D Tier
Healer: D Tier
Magicka PvP: S Tier
Stamina PvP: A Tier
Solo Stamina: A Tier
Solo Magicka: S Tier
Viable Werewolf

Sorcerer is definitely the most beginner friendly class of all choices. It is very easy to get required skills and has simple rotations that are easy to pick up and rewarding to master.
Magicka dps has a very high outcome to effort put in ratio, and learning simple things like light attack weaving will make you amazing. The problem is the ceiling is very low. Once you learn your rotation, there isn't much more optimization, and can just be made easier by going 2 pets.
Stamina Sorcerer just got an overhaul, but usually plays as having a "pet sword" to duplicate your attacks and taking mostly universal weapon skills and such other than that. I have seen stamina sorcerers do quite amazing, but I've seen a lot more bad ones than good ones.
Tank and Healer bring nothing special to the table. You are a meme if you play these and don't provide anything amazing to the team other than having an easy heal button to click that heals without targetting.
Magicka Sorcerers in PvP are some of the scariest people I have ever seen. It is quite simple to play, you have the best damage shield in the game, as well as amazing mobility tools. You are ranged and can very easily keep that range. Don't forget you get a heal that uses stamina and restores health and magicka.
Stamina Sorcerer shares many similarities to Magicka, with mobility and good damage output, but this time you are melee. Your armor gives you minor expedition, making you move quite fast as long as you keep your defensives up. You also can still slot a teleport to stun on travel. Same thing with conversion, spend magicka to get health and stamina back.
If you are going to play werewolf, this is the class to do it on. The passives compliment werewolf the best of any class, as those and gear are going to be what effects the actual transformation uptime. Don't forget to pop your armor to move even faster for the first bit!

Difficulty: 9/10
Magicka dps PvE: S Tier
Stamina dps PvE: B Tier
Tank: B Tier
Healer: C Tier
Magicka PvP: A Tier
Stamina PvP: S Tier (SSS Tier in low MMR)
Solo Magicka: B Tier
Solo Stamina: D Tier
Nightblade, naturally, is very hit and run based. They have high damage, but not as much defensive capabilities as other classes. They have above average sustain, so they are probably the best compliment for Vampire.
Magicka dps is incredible. Their high damage shines through with a rewarding to master rotation with a very high ceiling. Their AoE is incredible and also can give your group movement capabilities unique to them. It can be played ranged or melee as both are viable. Nightblade has a spammable for any playstyle at their disposal.
Stamina dps used to be an absolute monster when I first started and people would tell stories of it. What changed when I reached endgame, I do not actually know. They still have solid damage output as well as having an amazing execute at their disposal without needing to use a 2h.
Tank just lost their stacking damage reduction today so Nightblade tanking has taken a huge hit. They do have the advantage of having one of the best defensive ultimates in the game, granting a synergy to easily help a teammate out of position return to the proper place.
Same thing as tanking, their movement utility shines through, but that is the only thing separating them apart. Standard healing other than that.
PvP, as of greymoor has let bursty builds really rip in to unsuspecting foes. Their ability to stealth and teleport around can make you very slippery.
Magicka PvP has good sustain as well as having a nice burst window. I personally do not enjoy magicka on NB as I feel it is outclassed by sorcerer for what you are trying to accomplish.
Stamina PvP for nightblade is on a whole different level. They have the highest burst window in the game for pvp as well as having a stun on their spammable. In open world pvp, you could easily get picked off by a sneaky nightblade with a bowgank build or melee burst build before you even dismount. The only problem is you have no access to solid defensives and will rely mostly on your 2h heal and vigor while getting rolls and teleports to break incoming damage. If you can bait opponents into an enviroment with many obstacles, you can easily 1v10 by taking convenient 1v1s while others can't make contact to you.


Difficulty: 5/10
Magicka dps PvE: B Tier
Stamina dps PvE: A Tier
Tank: B Tier
Healer: S Tier
Magicka PvP: B Tier
Stamina PvP: B Tier
Solo Magicka: A Tier
Solo Stamina: C Tier

Templar overall is a great utility to have on a team no matter what they are, supplying amazing benefits for your magicka dps. Where their mobility is low, they provide amazing benefits when able to bunker down. They are the sole class that can give the minor buff to spell damage
Magicka dps can be played both melee and ranged, having great synergies to give your team at any level of play. In melee, they have unbeatable sustain for a dps. Ranged has access to great and rewarding LA weaving with empowerments.
Stamina dps is the easiest of any stamina class to play. You can have no clue how to LA weave and still do great damage by just spamming jabs. Most players that aren't the most technically sound that need to get a dps parse to get into raid guilds will use Stamplar and I do not blame them.
Tanking on Templar can be done, but you suffer from not being mobile, and will have a hard time keeping your necessary debuffs up on a fight that requires movement
Healplars are almost mandatory for trials because of just how much they actually give to the raid. 2 synergies for stats back, a synergy to cleanse, and having the strongest single target heal in the game. If you want to heal and be well liked, this is the class for you. It is not the easiest to play because of mobility issues, but that is a small price to pay for what you give.
Templars in pvp are very rushdown. You have access to a charge that gives an interrupt for both classes.
Magicka benefits from having a heal on their jabs, which do incredible damage at the same time. You will have an easy time bringing the fight right to the enemy and are very sticky, but missing jabs is very detrimental.
Stamina plays almost similar to the magicka build, but with a little more zone presence and denial. You will not have a heal on your spammable either, but still have access to great defensive options

Difficulty: 3/10
Magicka dps PvE: A Tier
Stamina dps PvE: C Tier
Tank: A Tier
Healer: A Tier
Magicka PvP: B Tier
Stamina PvP: D Tier (A Tier in low MMR)
Solo Magicka: A Tier
Solo Stamina: B Tier

Warden has a lot of setup, and a lot of offensive and defensive utility to give. They also are the polar opposite of Templar where they get incredible mobility.
Magicka dps is on the easier side rotation wise and can pump out a lot of damage. They get a flat magic damage increase and benefit from slotting abilities that are universal because of it. Unless they nerf magicka as a whole, Magicka Warden will always be in a good spot.
Stamina dps is unique to where they are the most viable ranged dps class as you will have access to many ranged abilities naturally from your class and an ultimate that will dps with you as a bear.
Tanking on a Warden is quite enjoyable and have many abilities that scale off health and will provide more damage than other tanks while staying true to the purpose of being a full tank.
Healdens are great kite healers as they have superior mobility for a healer as well as being quite durable and giving a plethura of good benefits. Warden healers are a reliable source of minor vulnerability.
Magicka PvP is very slow compared to the burst that most classes go for. You have plenty of abilities to put a huge damper in opposing team's days with freezes and stuns and slows. Being frontline or being targetted first will prove very detrimental to the other team.
Stamina PvP has the best burst window for the shortest amount of time. You can kill someone from full in a single second. The problem is this burst window is entirely based on a gimmick and the opponent can simply roll dodge when they know the burst is coming and make your last 4 seconds of the fight mean completely nothing. As such, this will probably only work on player that don't know the matchup. You have good defensive options and mobility though so that's great!

Difficulty: 6/10
Magicka dps PvE: A Tier
Stamina dps PvE: S Tier
Tanking: A Tier
Healing: B Tier (S Tier in accident prone groups)
Magicka PvP: C Tier (A Tier low MMR)
Stamina PvP: D Tier (S Tier low MMR)
Solo Magicka: A Tier
Solo Stamina: B Tier

Necromancers have the only way to apply Major Vulnerability in the entire game at this current moment in time, and are as important to have in trials as healers and tanks with warhorn. You will always have a raid spot if you play necromancer as anything for the sole reason of being part of the Colossus (applies the debuff) rotation to increase damage. Not only that, but you have the best ultimate generation in the game to make sure you are casting your big girl hits as much as possible.
Magicka dps has an insanely good spammable built in to your class with AoE attached to it. You provide amazing synergies to your team by simply doing your rotation properly. Your colossus stuns as well.
Stamina dps for the longest time has lead the pack in terms of damage output, and some trial guilds will include a separate parse requirement for stamcro that is a few thousand dps higher because of this. You have incredible damage output in both aoe and single target situations with the best PvE execute the game has to offer as you will have close to 90% crit chance when enemies have under 25% health, which would only be made stupider if you ran 2h over dual wield for executioner.
Tanking is incredibly easy and forgiving as a necromancer. Where you don't provide as much as the S Tier DK to the team, you provide even more for yourself. You can take war horn or colossus to help with keeping them up, or taking bone tyrant to be practically unkillable during the duration with an aoe dot that scales in damage with your health. Have fun pulling an entire dungeon and doing more dps than the dps with bone tyrant as you heal for twice your health every second.
Healing as a Necromancer has a very niche role in trials, but can prove incredibly effective at it given people are dying to mechanics. You give the same utility as a magicka dps, while being able to slot more abilties to increase your ultimate generation to use your incredible ability that resurrects 2 allies. This is the healer to play if you're scared that there will be too many dead people to play a templar.
Magicka PvP basically plays as a sorcerer with less mobility, and more corpses. The fact your colossus stuns can be absolutely devastating against opponents who have either drained their stamina or don't know they can just dodge roll it. Sustain as a necro is very high for magicka.
Stamina PvP has the same problem as magicka where you basically are a less mobile version of what you can do on a Sorcerer. The difference is you have more access to reducing the healing they receive as well as a much better execute window. Your Colossus, if you meet the same conditions as before, will do far too much damage for an opponent to shrug off. If they don't get out of the AoE, they will die.

I don't know what to say now but that's my run down of what goes on in the combat section of ESO. If you want something pretty and easy to play, go play FF14 or something idk. This game takes work

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