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Solutions to “Skooma Cat’s Playthings” Puzzles.

TheElderScrolls14 - Solutions to "Skooma Cat's Playthings" Puzzles.

Skooma Cat's Playthings Puzzle Solutions


Puzzle01. Prey
Objective: Win this turn.
Morkul Gatekeeper, Buff Portcullis.
Preying Elytra, target Portcullis.
Dual Atop The World on Preying Elytra.
Fighters Guild Steward on Preying Elytra, target Portcullis.
Arcaenium Librarian goes Face.

Puzzle02. Shambles
Objective: Win this turn.
Dres Tormentor.
Icy Shambles, target Revered Guardian.
Quicksilver Crossbow on Icy Shambles, target Blacksap Protector.
Stoutheart Giant goes Face.

Puzzle03. Shining
Objective: Win this turn.
Shining Saint on Stampede Sentinel.
Close Call on Shining Saint.
Shining Saint on Revered Guardian.
Spiteful Dremora on Revered Guardian.
Mecinar's Will on Fighters Guild Recruit.
Fighters Guild Recruit attacks Stampede Sentinel.
Cheydinhall Sapper goes Face.
Lightning Bolt goes Face.

Puzzle04. Driven
Objective: Win this turn.
Drive Mad on Night Talon Lord.
Soul Tear.
World-Eater's Eyrie Night Talon Lord in Shadow Lane.
Improvised Weapon on Night Talon Lord.
Daedric Dagger on Night Talon Lord.
Squish the Wimpy on Night Talon Lord, target Swiftwing Dragon.
Swiftwing Dragon goes Face.

Puzzle05. Order
Objective: Win this turn.
Grappling Hook on Mudcrab Anklesnapper, pull a Evermore Steward to Field Lane.
Knight of Order Field Lane.
Play Orcish Warhammer, ONE Dragon Priest Mask, both Redoran Battlespear on Mudcrab Anklesnapper.
Mudcrab Anklesnapper goes Face.
Play Dragon Priest Mask on Knight of Order.
Play Master of Arms.
Squish the Wimpy Master of Arms, target the Silenced Evermore Steward.



Puzzle06. The Bigger They Are
Objective: Win this Turn. Solution:
Tiny Dragon Field Lane.
Summerset Shieldmage Shadow Lane.
Skaven Pyromancer Shadow Lane.
All Niben Bay Cutthroats go Face.

Puzzle07. Weakness
Objective: Win this Turn.
Grappling Hook on Rihad Horseman, pull the Awakened Imperfect from Field to Shadow Lane.
Go Face with Alik'r Survivalist and Imperial Grunt.
Cast Weakness on an Awakened Imperfect.
Attack the Weakened Awakened Imperfect with Rihad Horseman.

Puzzle08. Darkest Hour
Objective: Survive for One Turn to Win.
Dark Seducer Field Lane.
Bone Bow on the Field Lane Target, Silence Reclusive Giant.
Attack a Young Mammoth with the 1/1 Target.
End turn.

Puzzle09. Spite
Objective: Win this Turn.
Dwarven Ballista attacks Target.
Seething Flesh Golem attacks Target.
Squish the Wimpy on Dwarven Ballista, Battle Awakened Imperfect.
Naryu Virian Face.

Puzzle10. Seeking Trouble
Objective: Win this Turn.
Cast Out on Fortress Watchman.
East Empire Crafter.
Trouble Seeker, Battle a Fortress Watchman.
Prophecy Cast Out on Trouble Seeker.
Trouble Seeker, Battle a Fortress Watchman.
Prophecy Cast Out on Trouble Seeker.
Trouble Seeker, Battle a Fortress Watchman.
Prophecy Cast Out on Auroran Sentry.
Therana, Bog Lurcher and Afflicted Alit go Face.
Rayvat the Mage.
Close Call on Afflicted Alit.
Afflicted Alit.

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