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Some (advanced) questions on Magden DPS.

TheElderScrolls8 - Some (advanced) questions on Magden DPS.

Hello all,

Extremely long-time lurker, first time poster here. My Warden has been my main since I started ESO at the beginning of quarantine, and I primarily play as healer. I just picked up 5pc False Gods (non-perfected) last night to compliment my Mother's Sorrow 5pc, and I'd like to start building towards a more effective Magden DPS build for when we occasionally have too many healers show up for trials. Right now I'm using my solo build (Dottz Gaming's Cryomancer with zero points in tri-focus w/ Julianos/Ysgramor's Birthright), but clearly that's not ideal. I've looked at three different builds for Greymoor Magden DPS (Alcast's,

's, and

's), and there are a few things that came up for me that I'd love to have some clarity on. I want to make it clear that I have done my homework – I'm not looking to be spoonfed a build, here! There are just some changes I need to make to fit my own playstyle that I'd like to check on how badly they'll impact my DPS.

Mystic Orb:

My first question – all three builds agree on using Mystic Orb in their rotation. Unfortunately, as I am mainly a healer I have the Energy Orb morph and won't be respeccing every time I need to DPS. Is there another ability I should use to fill in this slot, or should I just replace it with my spammable during my normal rotation. If so, is that a significant DPS loss on Single Target? (I imagine it would be on AoE, but I'm more concerned about ST.)

Spammable choice:

Speaking of spammables, all three builds also use Blood for Blood as their default spammable (which makes sense – it's busted good right now). Unfortunately, I pug a lot and don't have the most reliable trial groups all the time, and I'm hesitant to use B4B without a consistent healer that I trust. My plan is to just use Screaming Cliff Racer, but I know Elemental Weapon and Force Pulse are both solid options. In thinking about the type of content that I do (nCR, nSS, nKA, etc.), a lot of the bosses ask you to stack in melee range on the boss, and I want to make sure that Screaming Cliff Racer doesn't lose out on damage by doing that. From what I can tell from its tooltip its base damage is in line with both EW and FP and the 7 meter damage increase actually just makes it stronger than the other two, but I wanted to check and make sure I'm not missing anything.


Major Sorcery:

Alcast's build and t3hasiangod's build both run Blue Betty as their source of Major Brutality, but Liko's does not and runs Degeneration instead. My guess is that's because the additional magicka sustain isn't that necessary for a build that's relying on Blood For Blood, so it's better to use that GCD on a DoT that will do extra damage. I'm fairly certain the answer to this is yes, but just to make sure – Blue Betty should generally be used over Degeneration for major sorcery unless you're having zero sustain issues, correct? I know Degeneration also gives a slight max magicka/recovery boost just being on your bar.

Minor Force:

Alcast's build runs Channeled Acceleration for the Minor Force buff while the other two builds run Barbed Trap. From what I can see Barbed Trap doesn't scale with spell damage and has to be refreshed twice for every one refresh of CA, though I do understand that even though the damage doesn't scale the fact that it does any damage at all is a slight increase over the no-damage cast of CA. That said, is it a substantial DPS increase to use Barbed Trap over CA, or is it more of a preference/parsing thing?

As a final note, this is what I'm planning to use myself.


  • Fletcher Infection
  • Screaming Cliff Racer
  • Deep Fissure
  • Inner Light
  • Harness Magicka (flex spot – could be Degeneration just for the passive increase )
  • Eternal Guardian


  • Blockade of Fire (I know this is ideally unstable wall, but the healer mainspec strikes again)
  • Winter's Revenge
  • Blue Betty
  • Channeled Acceleration
  • Inner Light (Another flex spot – I know backbar Inner Light isn't necessary.)
  • Eternal Guardian

Is this build going to be substantially worse than a meta-build with access to Blood For Blood/Unstable/Mystic? (I know it will be worse, but I don't think it would be ridiculously bad by comparison). And, going off that, are there any DoTs or other abilities to throw in those two flex spots that could shore up some of that deficit?

Long post, thanks for reading!

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