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Some Audio Effect Bugs that I found and there are not solved in this 2.5 patch

TheElderScrolls8 - Some Audio Effect Bugs that I found and there are not solved in this 2.5 patch

Hello friends. I've been searching for some bugs for quite three weeks and now that I have a quite notable list I will like to share it for all of you (and u/SparkyDeckard). Since one of the first patches, I feel like the other languages versions of the game are not fixed and keep getting problems unless is something that affects all the game. I focus my time in searching for this bugs in the spanish version because is the one I play, so if there are the same issues in the english version I didn't know it. The main problem is that the audio just sound for around one second and then abruptly ends in both summon and attack sounds. Also, I have sent a ticket and a forum post in the Bethesda Support Service.

So here is the list of the creatures that I have found with audio bugs with their name in english and spanish:

– Aela The Huntress (Aela La Cazadora)

– Stormcloak Vanguard (Vanguardia Capa de la Tormenta)

– Inspiring Stormcloak (Capa de la Tormenta Inspirador)

– Blade's Lookout (Atalaya de los Cuchillas)

– Ulfric Stormcloak (Ulfric Capa de la Tormenta)


– Battlefield Scrounger (Aprovechado del Campo de Batalla)

– Mistveil Warden (Guardiana de Velo Brumoso)

– Stronghold Patrol (Patrulla de la Fortaleza)

– Palace Prowler (Merodeadora Palaciega)

– Steelhart Vanquisher (Vencedora Corazón de Acero)

– Lydia

– Green Pact Ambusher (Emboscadora del Pacto Verde) – Keeps saying "Saludos/Greetings" on it's summon.

– Little Girl (Chiquilla) – Here the problem is that there is now sound until it transforms to Ageless Vampire

– Ulfric's Housecarl (Edecán de Ulfric) – Here the problem is that the audio effect is on latino and not in spanish

Thank you for improving the game with your effort and keep looking for problems to fix. This is not an argue and I'm just a boy who wants this game to grow as much as it can in the best shape possible.

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