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Some little details I’ve discovered in my time playing Skyrim

TheElderScrolls14 - Some little details I've discovered in my time playing Skyrim

So when playing through Dark Brotherhood you meet with Amound Motierre, he has a pony tail and a clean shaven face. Later on after your sanctuary is destroyed you go meet him in the Bannered Mare, and he looks different. He has the same hairstyle as Erikur this time and an unshaven face (he also looks like a different guy). When I first noticed it I thought it was pretty cool that they physically changed him to show him being distraught over his plan to assassinate the emperor being a failure and potentially losing his own life for treachery.

The same thing is done in Vaermina's quest Waking Nightmare, when you're in Erandur's memory the two Vaermina priest look young with brown hair but when you later see them in the present they have white and grey hair. I liked how they showed the passage of time since they could have completely ignored it and left it as two of the same NPC's and no one would bat an eye.

Also on vanilla Skyrim of an NPC is wearing a variant of steel armour (Farkas, Khajiit guards, bandits but not housecarls as they have a fixed variant of steel armour pauldrons and Nordic gauntlets and boots), you can randomise what set they have by loading back to before they load into the game (quite a distance away from where the NPC is or in a different cell) and each time you load them in they will spawn with a different variant of steel armour (pauldrons/no pauldrons, imperial/Nordic).


This only works the first time the NPC spawns in, after that their armour is set (although wabbajack could work on non essential NPC's by turning them into a mudcrab/dremora then back to human form with a different variant of steel armour). I was very fixed on this back when Skyrim came out and would always use this to have Farkas spawn in with a Pauldrons and Nordic steel armour set, same with Markarth Jarl's Housecarl. Although for some strange reason Thongvor Silver-Blood also has a random set of steel armour which is randomised, but it's randomised the moment the game starts as far as I know so unless you're really lucky with him spawning which a nice matching set of steel armour, you will be unable to change his armour (can't pickpocket his armour and he is essential so wabbajack transformation doesn't work).

This might be more known, but if you die and delete your last save/quicksave you have (the one that would get loaded after death) the game won't load back to a previous save file and you can watch your dead body for as long as you like. After enough time has passed the camera will turn into it's dormant state? Which can allow you to see what happens around your body after your death. Not too interesting but hey.

And last one, if you pickpocket a whole armour set the NPC is wearing (if they're wearing a shield then that too), and then pickpocket something else like a weapon they will spawn a new set of armour right there on the spot. With the previously mentioned steel armour, you can pickpocket the whole set and have them spawn a new different variant of steel armour.

I've played this game to bits and I thought I'd put some of my findings of playing vanilla Skyrim since I couldn't mod back then and had time to find out how the game works in other ways.

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