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Some lore regarding “characters background” please

TheElderScrolls9 - Some lore regarding "characters background" please

So coming from another mmo that i played for a long time and knowing the ins and out of its lore, it was easy for me to create characters with some "character background" connecting with its class, story line and general world around it.

I found it to be a great way to play the game and enjoy the story,lore and environment around that i play in.

But im having difficulties with eso.

I know im a "blank" slate from the get go,with only my race and maybe the class i pick which pushes my character towards specific lore branches.

But considering the variety of the games content and story lines its hard to make a strong character background without breaking it…

This became more apparent for me now when i played more of the dark brotherhood storyline. Creating a helpful character, be it an adventurer, a treasure hunter, or a "good guy" templar, one that upholds some moral grounds, helps the poor, provides justice, helps out during various quests against daedra and evil in general…..

…its very hard to just say "alright, ill start killing innocent people for money, ill obey all orders given, no questions ask, and tnx Sithis for this nice deadric blade that sends souls to the void"

Or lets go vice versa, making some sort of a night blade "mage" interested in all sorts of magic, including shadow magic, often steals, and even did some murders. Has no problem with joining the Dark Brotherhood since it offers both money and power….and then i …help the poor? Protect people from a cult? Fight off evil and protect the common folk?

And after i do that i turn, trespass into their homes, steal their things and stab them in the back?

It all feels very contradicting and after a while it becomes a mess of a characters "background".


Now i know i could just NOT join or play the dark brotherhood, and NOT steal, or trespass, and obey the law….but by doing so i miss out on part of the game, and skill points, perhaps also specific loot?

So anyone has any ideas or could share something i dont know about the DB or something that that i could "fit" my character in without it being a complete sociopath with dysfunctional personality?

EDDIT: I understand this is a mmo and things like self made up character backgrounds and personality development is hard to do, and i understand that there is no easy way to go on with the part of dark brotherhood.

I also understand that when it comes to self made up character personality everyone is free to do what they wish and to limit them self to any degree and to place lines they cant cross at any spot they want.

So i think i found a solution for my self.

While race and class have big lore significance, weapon skills dont , at least very minimal and very vague things (a bow user could be a simpler hunter, a skilled bandit archer, or even a soldier).

So i guess my solution would be to mask my self in the DB outfit, and only use weapon skills (probably dual wielding daggers) and no class skills.

This way i will "strip" my character from any kind of conflicts caused by my race or class background. And i suppose it would be an interesting way to play the game as well.

OOR i could use the free race/name changes and deal with the whole thing as a entirely different character….that would be an extreme way of dealing with this imo but it can also work pretty well 🙂

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