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Some Miscellaneous Cyrodiil Tips

TheElderScrolls7 - Some Miscellaneous Cyrodiil Tips
  • Even if you can't turn invisible, sneaking is a very powerful tool. Most players will probably be looking for the enemy alliance symbol above your head, so crouching behind a rock or some other form of cover will significantly increase the chance of you surviving.
  • Dodge rolling, blocking, and bashing are also really important tools for you to use. Dodge rolling can help get you out of a tight situation even if you aren't currently rooted. Blocking can buy you enough time for your allies to come to your aid. Bashing can interrupt certain enemy skills before they finish activating.
  • Zerging is fairly common, but there are plenty of other essential activites you should try too:
    • Even if you aren't being attacked at the moment, you can dedicate yourself and your group to be on the defense in case another faction attacks while your own is out zerging.
    • Information acquired from scouting and spying will increase the time your faction has to react to something, which can be the difference between being overrun and successfully defending a keep.
    • After a battle, use repair kits to heal a keep's walls and/or doors. During a battle, you can also use a siege repair kit or two in the time it takes for your siege weapon to reload.
    • You can prepare for an allied zerg by preemptively taking one or more of the resources belonging to the keep to be attacked.
    • In addition to laying down forward camps that let your allies respawn, you should hunt down the enemy's forward camps. Destroying these camps can make a huge difference during a long siege.
  • You should always be using siege weapons during a battle. The more the merrier.
    • Cold fire siege weapons are more powerful than the regular versions. The most reliable way to get them is to farm dark anchors, which you can do whenever there is a lull and you have the time to do it.
    • As you will be bringing your own siege to the battle, there is no need to steal other peoples' siege weapons. If you do accidentally steal one, back off and use a siege repair kit on it as compensation.
    • Storing siege weapons in your inventory can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Be sure to get extra bag space via a pack merchant or as part of your mount training.
  • Check the map often. Nothing is worse than finally capturing a keep after a long siege, only to discover that two of your own keeps were captured by the enemy because no one was paying attention to the map.
  • Seriously though, don't be of the mindset that your faction must always be on the attack. Sometimes waiting for the right moment to strike is the best option, even if it means that the map is entirely devoid of any activity for a bit.

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