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Some questions for the lore experts, conspiracy theory?

TheElderScrolls5 - Some questions for the lore experts, conspiracy theory?

I saw the YouTube vids come out about TES6 and they basically just say look where the candles are, it tells us it is Hammerfell! I'm not big into lore, but I have thousands of hours in TES and I wanted to check those places and found something interesting. The 2 northern points where the candles are both in Skyrim so I checked them out, one is the Dainty Sload and the other is possibly Hela's folly, but I think Yngvild which is nearby.

What I noticed about both of those are that they are locations of Unusual Gems, which are actually Stones of Barenziah. Curious I looked into Barenziah and holy shit if she isn't part of every single story in all of TES! I could repeat a lot of it, but instead I will just link the books here for you to read yourself. She is involved in everything that I am aware of (did not play before TES3).

Long story short the elves seem to hate the imperials, and the Thalmor want to destroy Talos. If I am reading right, Talos is the 'evolution' of Tiber Septim. The Tiber Septim who met Barenziah when she was very you, supposedly too young to get pregnant, impregnated her then forced her to have an abortion though the story specifically states she just woke up not pregnant. Very soap opera/mythology feeling.

So she had that happen, lots of reasons to hate the emperor, Imperials, and later erase Talos worship.

She marries Symmachus who was an advisor to Septim and says at one point the whole war was his doing. "Ai. Without my aid the Empire would never have begun. I helped its rise." His voice hardened. "I can bring about its fall. You may tell Uriel Septim that. That, and that my patience is not infinite.

This was just after Tharn, disguised as the Nightingale tricked her into helping him get the Staff of Chaos, which he used to disappear Uriel Septim in TES4. She then goes to him while he was pretending to be the emporer and seduced him and translated where the pieces were for the staff to be put back together. So she basically was the hero of that story.


Once done she fled to High Rock, met and married Eadwyre (a big hero in the Daggerfall game I think, something with the Totem of Tiber Septim (him again)) and had a child. I don't know what happened to this child if anything, could be the next player in High Rock. Following up quickly on the children I did find, her son Helseth tried to take over Wayrest, but Eadwyre had a daughter from a previous marriage, Elysana who defeated him and became queen. They fled to Morrowind where he eventually became the king.

This leads to a possible confrontation for the maybe-not-aborted child in Morgiah, who was the daughter of Barenziah and Symmachus, what I can find doesn't say much but she got married "much later in life" which for an elf is a long time, and I guess this is a quest in Daggerfall? It says the hero sent a letter on her behalf to Mannimarco, who we now know is not a great guy to say the least. Why was she involved with him? Anyway apparently she then becomes queen of Firsthold in the Summerset Isles. A quote from the quest say " Of course my own family…well enough of this boring court gossip. " She yada yada'd the best part!

Finally at some later point Eadwyre dies, Elysana who beat Helseth earlier was now queen of Wayrest, Morgiah was gone at this point, banished Barenziah and Helseth to Morrowind.

So what did I miss or get wrong? This character has been involved in everything in this series, everything seems to be explained as you being a part of her life the whole way. I also find nothing that says that family doesn't all still exist.,_Book_I

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