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Something else which is interesting about Elder Scrolls

TheElderScrolls15 - Something else which is interesting about Elder Scrolls

This is a smaller item, but I thought that it warranted mentioning. It's also a small enough one that I think most probably know of it already; but to those who don't, this may be humorous.

Of course, we all know the story of Ragnar the Red; the hero of mention-able braggadocio from Rorikstead who was slain by the Shieldmaiden Matilda. Well, funnily enough, this man's first name (which for some reason was the namesake of an NPC I found wandering about a random mining town just west of Rorikstead) comes from the Norse word 'Ragna' which means domain.

Ragna is the first element in the term 'Ragnarok'; which marks the end of the gods. After Ragna, the word 'Rok' or 'Rokkr' is placed. Ragnarok means 'end of the gods'. However, 'Ragnarokkr' means 'twilight of the gods'. Rok individually can refer to the cause, effect or end of any concept and therefore can refer to fate as well.


The funny bit is that, although Ragnar's name may realistically just means Red Domain, you must remember that Ragnar is not a Norse word; but Ragna is. So given the fact that there is an r after Ragna, any Nord would see Ragnar's name and assume that it is an abbreviation of Ragnarok as it would be set apart from the other possible word. Now given the context of Ragna in this setting, seeing that Ragnar can be an abbreviation of Ragnarok, Ragnar the Red can easily mean 'Red Fate'; which is very realistic to his story seeing as his fate came when he was (very bloodily) decapitated by a shield maiden.

Technically, by this logic, Ragnar can also be short for Ragnarokkr or Twilight of the gods; in which case, the context would suggest Ragnar's name to mean 'Red Twilight'. If this is also a possible interpretation, it may have to do with the fact that Nirn has a red moon. Given that, seeing as he was killed specifically in Whiterun and was a 'hero', maybe he was a member of the companions. The moon might come into play with the fact that the companions' inner circle is composed of werewolves. Perhaps Ragnar was a werewolf himself and the 'Ragna' means process instead of fate.

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