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Something happened I never expected

TheElderScrolls13 - Something happened I never expected

When I first bought this game in 2015 or something, I didn't understand what was going on, I got stuck in a delve where I couldn't defeat the boss and kept dying and I gave up, never touching it again for years. Then I came back to it in 2019/2020 determined to give it a fair shot and made a character I was actually interested in with a bit of a backstory and an aesthetic theme, and now I love it. I started taking notice of the storyline and I found it actually interesting, even if it's not perfect. Having abilities and that they can be morphed to take a different path in creating a unique experience was a feature I straight away enjoyed. And I love the outfit and costume system, I genuinely spend so long trying to perfect my modest aesthetic (not unlocked many dyes).

So that was wonderful, I was enjoying the game for what it was.

Then covid happened, I lost my job for a while and I saw one of my old school mates was online one day. Now I hadn't spoken to him in years but I remembered he had the game once too so I messaged him out of the blue and he was down to group up and quest together, which made the game even more fun – up until that point I did everything solo, I'd never even attempted dungeons or battlegrounds. Nearly a year later from then and we've managed to pitch ESO to two other mates, one who plays as regularly as us and we actually have a tank, healer, and DPS.


But then today, while playing solo, I was hunting down the antiquity leads for the dwarven ebon wolf and came across another player who like me was in a delve waiting for the boss to respawn more than once. He asked if the lead dropped from the boss – I was not expecting this, I was the only other player around and was thinking I need to reply quick so it doesn't seem rude, I barely knew how to message a player, but I said yeah and we realise we're both here for the same thing, we killed the boss together again, and in between the boss respawns we messaged about what armour sets we wore and then I luckily got the lead soon after, wished him the best and I was genuinely happy to have had that interaction in a game where for so long I played solo and was intimidated that I wasn't very good or didn't know what I was doing a lot of the time.

This game is doing a lot for me at the moment, I never expected a second hand purchase all those years ago would become my favourite game and I'd even be playing in groups or interacting with other players, even only briefly.

This is just a genuine heartfelt appreciation post for a game that introduced me to MMOs, gave me something to enjoy when I felt low, and has brought me back into contact with good friends and I'll continue to invest spare time into it. Maybe one day I'll get just one character to max level (though 810 seems a long way away, let alone 3600).

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