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Sometimes I close my eyes at night and dream about the day………

TheElderScrolls9 - Sometimes I close my eyes at night and dream about the day.........

…….Houses of Morrowind and alliance war rotate out (which is going to be a loooooong time because rotation isn't a thing right now), but man I miss the days before 3-colour was a thing. (I have been playing since closed-beta finished top 100 legends all the way back in December 2016 so I have had a lot of experience of what it was like before.) To me the problem isn't really about the balance issues with 3 colour right now even though abomination and ebonheart are problematic, they will be patched eventually. No, the issues are unfortunately intertwined with the tri-colour mechanic.


Back when all the games were 2 colour decks, each game was more exciting, because decks were more unique and had more defined weaknesses which added another interesting layer to the game. With 3 colour you get to avoid a certain color's weakness by having access to a whole other colour's strengths. The 3-colour mechanic replaces a classes weakness with draw variance weakness which everyone can agree is less interactive and thus less interesting gameplay. When two 2 colour decks played against each it was thrilling cause you had to adapt to the situation a lot more because you can your opponent's decks had very different strengths and weaknesses. 3-colour takes this away by giving more decks access to more tools.


Old school control mirrors were very interesting because for example, your opponents spellsword control deck lacked reliable card draw, but they were able to take advantage of your mage deck not having ramp by pushing out high tempo late-game threats before you can. This dynamic might completely change if you played against a control monk for example. Think about control mirrors now, almost every tri-colour has access to ramp, or silence, or card draw, or hard removal or whatever strength that another colour may be lacking meaning the interaction between the two decks is really more of the same. With 3-colour you really miss out on having very varied and unique interchange between two decks.



Having classes be highly specialized was what made Legends super fun to play in the first place, every match required you to think differently about your approach. This is reduced significantly when decks have access to more colour specific strengths resulting in less varied decks. Instead of being able to take advantage of your opponent's colour's weakness like what is found in two -colour gameplay, 3 colour deck weakness comes from draw variance which makes significantly less intersting gameplay as you can't really interact with their draws. A deck having a more defined weakness is much more interactive for a player and thus makes more intersting gameplay.


Another issue is with not being able to play around cards as well when you're playing against a 3-colour deck. Weakening this ability to predict your opponent's cards takes away your ability to make informed decisions and once again takes away from the game interactivity.


For these reasons is why each individual game is less fun when 3 colour decks are involved and why I dream of the day 3 colour decks rotate out. I love legends, it was by far the best and most fun CCG I have ever played, but it has not been the same since 3-colour has been added. I am honestly at the point where I enjoy playing Hearthstone more which is really saying something because legends is fundamentally a better-designed game. I know 3-colour can't be removed at this point but…………………..pretty please devs can we have an additional two-color or less only ladder????? 😀

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