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Hi guys,

once again, I'm here with propably a bit unusual question, specificaly about Soul Magic as title says. This time however, it will require a bit more attention, more lore knowledge and understanding than in previous posts.

So, today I stealed my very first soul and filled my first Soul Gem (I'm lvl6 or 7). Pretty exciting experience, right? However later on, I started thinking about what actually is happening in Gem Stone and what is actually inside there, or what is happening to the soul inside the Gem Stone… It was the Alits soul, that I stealed.

I suppose this all might sounds to many of You unessesary to think or worry about. But I'm a RP player in some way. In a way, that others don't usually see, cauz it more like is in my head… It's not like I'm walking in streets, sitting in Inns, drinking Ales or something… It's more like about my imagination… About how my character understand the world around, what he represent there and who he is. And while I don't wanna bother You with full explanation about who my character is and what he represent in a world of Tamriel, You must know about him, that he's not a bad guy. He's in some way a typical Wood Elf. Means he's most important interest, is in protecting world of trees… Forests are his home. Presence of animals, fresh air, that's where he feels most alive and he will do anything to protect it from any harm. Even if it's mean giving his life for it. But unfortunately, as a member of Dominion, he also is filling some of his duties, that higher orders asking on him. If it was only on him, he would pretty much spend most of his time in nature, spending hours in meditations and overall watching over life in forest. But Tamriel is full of evil, so guess somebody have to save it all right 😁? As You see, he's not really a danger man… I'm not even going to turn him into any monster, like Werewolf or Vampire. And I don't care if it's mean, that he will never be that effective in PvP or something. It's againts all he believes in and what he represent. And that's what matters to me, not some stats…


Now that You know a bit about my character, I would like to return to my point and question.

So, what is actually happening to the soul, that I've captured? Is it like tormented and suffering inside the Stone? Is the soul like watching hours, days maybe weeks just watching from the inside of Stone what I'm doing, before it will be released? And what I actually release into body of corpse???

Let me use a simple example. You're running inside dungeon with Your party… Situation gets worse and one of Your teammates named Peppe dies… You're about to res him through soul gem… I have to mention, that the soul trappes inside soul gem, is Alits soul…

And that's the point I'm mostly interest him… What is actually happening there? Am I actually filling Peppes body with Alits soul?? So that actually it's not Peppe, whos rising with my resurrection, but an animal from wild?? Or is it like that while chanelling, somehow Alits soul transform or evolve into Peppe soul and so it is my man Peppe who rise? Cauz if You think about it, it would pretty sux if You filled your friends body with for example Daedra soul 😁… Pretty disturbing to think about right 😁..?.

So guys… This is the moment where You can shine and Your years of informations gathering could shows worth!

I need to know, cauz otherwise I don't know if I will be ever able to fill any soul gem and also ress any of You in a future 😁😬!

Take care boys and remember, stay away from troubles while traveling through forests. Cauz otherwise I will find You, cut Your throat and eat Your corpse and Your soul will be tormented by forest spirits forever 👋😇.

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