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Spellblade – Weapon Skill line Suggestion for Next Expac

TheElderScrolls12 - Spellblade - Weapon Skill line Suggestion for Next Expac

So, now that we have the class I have been waiting for since launch, I'd love to see the weapon tree I've wanted as well

This skill line would preferably scale off whichever total resource you have that is higher

Skill 1: Destructive Wave – Spray a cone shaped wave of destructive magic, shifting between fire, ice, and thunder.

Morph 1: Morph into a stamina ability, and change the wave to be poison and disease damage, with a larger cone radius

Morph2: Cone radius is extended and enemies hit have a x% chance to be burned, frozen, or set off balance

Skill 2: Healing Hands – Heal allies in front of you for x health per second for x seconds

Morph 1: Converts to a stamina abilty, buff allies in front of you with minor sorcery/minor weapon damage for x seconds

Morph 2: Converts ability to a cone shape and if an ally goes below x% health, consumes heal in a single burst

Skill 3: Daedric Stab – Stabs client with a deadric sword doing x oblivion damage and taunting the enemy

Morph 1: Converts to a stamina ability, sword changes to dagger and can be used from range. Does x oblivion damage and crits x% more often (very high crit chance)

Morph 2: Converts to a ranged ability, shoots 2 daedric swords towards enemies which do x oblivion damage over x seconds while stuck

Skill 4: Telekinesis – This skill can be used to pull an enemy that is further away from you, causing you to take aggro

Morph 1: Converts to a stamina ability, instead of pulling in, you release an outward burst, doing x damage and setting all enemies in a x meter radius off balance

Morph 2: This skill will now grab all enemies in a small aoe field closer to you, and pulls aggro for each enemy pulled


Skill 5: Frenzy – Targeted enemy attacks closest living creature to attack. The highlight around the enemy turns yellow while the effect is in place. Drains magicka while active. (Does not work on Boss Mobs, or those strong of mind or heart, like guards)

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Morph 1: Converts ability into a stamina ability, converts to be a timed effect rather than channeled. Enemy is frenzied for x seconds, and has a brain anneurism that does x damage when effect ends

Morph 2: Ability grants frenzied target a damage shield of x health until the effect ends. When effect ends, client loses damage shield and has a brain anneurism that does x damage. Effect can be toggled off prematurey.

Ultimate – Elemental Ring: Conjure a ring of the elements that shifts between fire, ice, and electric damage in the field for x seconds. Enemies in the field have an x% chance to be burned, frozen, or off balance.

Morph 1: Adds poison, oblivion, and disease damage to the ring of shifting elements. Any enemy that leaves the ring while skill is ongoing will have an exposion of which ever element is channeling at the time at their current location.

Morph 2: Adds healing to the ring of effects that heals allies while enemies are being damaged. Any allied player or enemy that steps out causes an explosion of healing and whichever element is being channeled at the location of the one stepping out.

Apologies for any terrible errors above, wrote this in the last hour of my shift. I havent thought of the passives yet, but will add them as I think of them.

Please comment if you haver any ideas, or any weapon skills you would like to see in the future

Thanks for reading!

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