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Statement on Rulings and Deck List Submission for Masters Series Qualifiers

TheElderScrolls14 - Statement on Rulings and Deck List Submission for Masters Series Qualifiers

A recent incident was brought to our attention involving alleged tampering and/or cheating during a Legends Masters Series Qualifier Event. After a thorough investigation we found no conclusive evidence of cheating and we will not be taking any action against the players. However, the incident has prompted us to further clarify rules on tournament conduct. Players should not be communicating with others during tournament matches, with the only exception being members of the Admin or production teams who will need to contact you during top 8 streamed matches to ensure the broadcast runs smoothly. Any instance where it is discovered that a player is discussing strategy or receiving help from other players during tournament matches will result in an immediate DQ for all parties involved as well as a suspension from future Masters Series events.

We would also like to take this time to clarify the rules surrounding deck list submission. We will be working with the Admin team to be more vigilant in checking players’ deck lists during check-in to remove anyone who has not submitted in accordance with the rules, but would still like to emphasize that it’s the responsibility of both players in a match to ensure that all links are working properly and to directly notify an Admin immediately if any problems arise with deck links during a match. The full rules for deck list submission can be found below. Two players were discovered to have incorrectly submitted links late into the tournament and were promptly removed from the bracket at that time; while we hope to avoid future similar issues with extensive checks during the check-in period, in accordance with other DQs these players will not be receiving prizes or Masters Points for their finishes in Qualifier 1.

Rules on deck list submission:

  • The sign-up screen will prompt you for one deck list for each chosen class in screenshot form. Classes and deck lists can be changed at any time before the event starts. Deck lists will only be visible to you, your opponents, and the admins.
  • Deck lists must be submitted in English and in the form of an image/screenshot. Said images/screenshots may be taken of your deck in the client, or of your deck list on or (Note: Deck codes and links from / are not accepted.)
  • Note: We encourage you to take a screenshot of the deck (in English) from the client and host the image on a site like, which will provide a working link. Again, linking to legends-decks is not permitted, but linking to a screenshot of a decklist from legends-decks that is then hosted on a site like is valid.
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We would also like to reiterate that during potential disputes, as is detailed in our official rules document, players are expected to conduct themselves professionally throughout the entirely of the event. Warnings and penalties may be awarded for the following: profanity, threats or implied violence, destruction of equipment, punctuality, and refusal to follow tournament staff instructions.

Thank you for your assistance, and we’re looking forward to working on the remaining Masters Series Qualifiers. We hope to have you participate! As a reminder, sign-ups for this weekend’s qualifier can be found here:

-Rankstar Administration Team

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