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Stats about the ladder and comparison before and after the patch 2.5

TheElderScrolls13 - Stats about the ladder and comparison before and after the patch 2.5

Hi everybody, a couple of days ago I have reached the legend rank with a midrange dagoth list. I have recorded some stats about my recent experience on the ladder, collecting data both from this season and the last one, and I think they are interesting, expecially after the recent patch. The data sample of course is limited, so I do not pretend that these numbers are 100% statistically correct.

I have recorded the results of 86 games, 55 from the current season (from rank 5 to legend) and 31 in the past season, 48 before the patch 2.5 and 38 after.

I warn you, wall of text incoming!

Most common classes

class #match %match

warrior 13 15,12%

telvanni 11 12,79%

dagoth 10 11,63%

tribunal 9 10,47%

spellsword 6 6,98%

sorcerer 6 6,98%

battlemage 5 5,81%

redoran 5 5,81%

archer 4 4,65%

crusader 4 4,65%

mage 3 3,49%

assassin 3 3,49%

hlaalu 3 3,49%

scout 2 2,33%

agility 1 1,16%

neutral 1 1,16%

monk 0 0,00%

The top 3 positions are kind of obvious: Aggro Warrior and Control Telvanni are tier 1 decks, so they are played a lot and also midrange Dagoth is known to be a very good deck to climb the ladder. Warrior decks that I faced were 6 standard aggro, 6 control (ramp) and 1 self-harm warrior (midrange). For Telvanni, the most common archetype is (oh, what a surprise!) conscription (7 matches), followed by standard control (3) and Nix-Ox (1). I was surprised about Hlaalu which is a strong deck but I faced only 3 time over 86 matches, that is only the 3.5% of the games! The least represented class is (of course) monk, with 0 games. Yes, zero. I hope that Isle of Madness will introduce some new tools for this class, because at the time being is like not existing in the competitive play.

Now, let's compare before and after the last patch.

Before the patch 2.5

class # match % match

warrior 9 18,75%

telvanni 8 16,67%

dagoth 7 14,58%

battlemage 4 8,33%

tribunal 3 6,25%

spellsword 3 6,25%

crusader 3 6,25%

archer 2 4,17%

assassin 2 4,17%

redoran 2 4,17%

sorcerer 2 4,17%

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scout 1 2,08%

hlaalu 1 2,08%

agility 1 2,08%

mage 0 0,00%

monk 0 0,00%

neutral 0 0,00%

After the patch 2.5

class # match % match

tribunal 6 15,79%

warrior 4 10,53%

sorcerer 4 10,53%

telvanni 3 7,89%

dagoth 3 7,89%

spellsword 3 7,89%

redoran 3 7,89%

mage 3 7,89%

archer 2 5,26%


hlaalu 2 5,26%

battlemage 1 2,63%

crusader 1 2,63%

assassin 1 2,63%

scout 1 2,63%

neutral 1 2,63%

agility 0 0,00%

monk 0 0,00%

So, after the patch 2.5 Telvanni, Warrior and Dagoth are still played by a lot of people, but I am surprised to see Tribunal as the most common class on the ladder, from the 6.25% of the games up to the 15.79% (control in the 66% of the cases, midrange in the remaining 33%). It seems also that there is more variety in the deck choice now: before the patch the top 3 decks summed together represented the 50% of the total games, now only the 35%.

Okay, we have talked about classes, but what's about archetypes?

Overall, the most common archetype is control, with 37 games (43%). To be noted that I have included in control also the combo decks, but I have faced only a couple of them (1 Nix-Ox telvanni and 1 abomination scout). The second position is taken by midrange, with 28 games (32.6%). Third position for aggro, with 21 games (24.4%). Before the patch the most common archetype was control (22 games), followed by aggro (14) and midrange (12). After the patch the situation is different, with only 7 aggro but 16 midrange decks and 15 control. So it seems that the patch 2.5 shifted the meta towards midrange decks.

Win rate

The winrate of my midrange dagoth is 75.58% over 86 games. However, it is interesting to underline that it was only 67% before the patch and it is 86.8% after the patch. Of course this is not due only to the patch itself and the resulting meta shift, but also to the fact that I am improved a lot in piloting the deck. So the message here is: play a lot with a deck to really master it.

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What's about Tullius Conscription?

As we know, patch 2.5 nerfed Tullius Conscription by increasing its cost to 12. What are the consequences on the ladder?

In 86 games I have faced only 7 conscription decks (or, at least, 7 decks that were clearly running conscription even if they didn't always play the card in time). Overall, it is the 8% of the games. (by the way, they were all Telvanni).

Before the patch the games against Conscription were 5 out of 48 (10.4%), after the patch only 2 out of 38 (5.2%). So, let's celebrate: there are less Conscription decks out there!

And with this message of hope my analysis is over. Thank you for reading and, as always, any comment is welcome!

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