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StormCrusher – My Hybrid Stam/Mag Sorcerer build mainly for Soloing (Dungeons, Vet. Dungeons, Overland, vMA, WB’s etc…)

TheElderScrolls6 - StormCrusher - My Hybrid Stam/Mag Sorcerer build mainly for Soloing (Dungeons, Vet. Dungeons, Overland, vMA, WB's etc...)

Hey, y'all. My very first post ever on Reddit and first of all i have few things to say before getting to the build.

  • Forgive me for my English, if i were to make a mistake. It's not my first language 🙂
  • This build mainly focuses on soloing the contents that game represents to us. And since you can solo & yolo like %80 of the game, you should be fine. This includes most of the dungeons even in Veteran if you are experienced with the mechanics.
  • And it is kinda the first build that i make completely by my own. So feel free to critisize anything that you'd feel changing it is a must/should.
  • Please avoid telling "Changing this build completely, now that's a MUST". I know, saying this is irresistible but have some thoughts, this isn't very optimal so that's why im sharing this with ya. To get some opinions and make it smooth in the most possible way.
  • Don't forget again, its for SOLOING. You can go for group vet. dungeons as well but it wont be really that good compared to, let's say, a pure Magicka Nightblade (which, you try to steal the very souls, bloods and essences of your enemies, and then using an animal trap in the meantime(!???).)
  • I tried to make this build fitting for thematically wise as much as i can while trying to make it somehow optimal.

Anyway, Let's get to the build.

Build Summary:

This build combines the Lightning summoned by the sorcerer with the crushing power of his Two-handed sword. And from the ultimate combination of those two, a novel, destructive Aegis, who can tear down opponets in seconds with storming blades, borns. StormCrusher, also has many defensive abilities like warding himself with Daedric Energy as well as getting a shield by slashing anything in its path with Brawler skill from 2H.

Build Race / Mundus / Class : Dunmer (Dark Elf, because they have both wep&spell dmg as well as stam and mag increase) Thief Mundus Stone (More crit, More dps&heal from crit surge skill)
ZGo88Vk - StormCrusher - My Hybrid Stam/Mag Sorcerer build mainly for Soloing (Dungeons, Vet. Dungeons, Overland, vMA, WB's etc...)

Helm Monster Set & Glyph : Molag Kena (Heavy, Divines with Tri-stat glyph)

Shoulder Monster Set & Glyph: Molag Kena (Heavy, Divines with Stamina glyph)

Chest : Aegis Caller (Medium, Divines with Tri-stat glyph)

Hand : Aegis Caller (Medium, Divines with Stamina glyph)

Belt : Aegis Caller (Medium, Divines with Stamina glyph)

Guards: Aegis Caller (Medium, Divines with Tri-stat glyph)

Boots: Aegis Caller (Medium, Divines with Stam glyph)

Amulet: New Moon (Infused with Wep. Dmg. glyph)

Rings :
New Moon (Infused with Wep. Dmg. glyph)

Front Bar :
M7W8EFd - StormCrusher - My Hybrid Stam/Mag Sorcerer build mainly for Soloing (Dungeons, Vet. Dungeons, Overland, vMA, WB's etc...)

New Moon Greatsword (Nirnhorned with Hardened glyph)

Back Bar : New Moon Lightning Staff (Infused with Weapon & spell dmg glyph)

For food, don't hesitate to use Tri-stat foods like Max Hp, Mag and Stam. Like this one : Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce. However, if you are struggling at sustaining Magicka(x) / Stamina(y), you can go for Max X and Y recovery, or vice versa. Check this one : Candied Jester's Coins Vice Versa Version: Crunchy Spider Skewer


Skills : Most importantly, feel free to change any skill basically if you dont like using it. However, this has some core skills that you should rely on using it.

Front Bar : | 1- Dizzying Blow | 2- Brawler | 3- Reverse Slice | 4- Bound Armaments | 5- Camo. Hunter| ULT- Dawnbreaker |

Back Bar : | 1- Liquid Lightning | 2- Blockade of Storms | 3- Critical Surge | 4- Hurricane | 5- Hardened Ward | ULT- Summon Charged Atronach |

Click me for icons

Click for Overall Stats

If the Magicka pool is too low to sustain, Replace Stamina glyphs on armors with Magicka Glyphs. However, you can put attribute points on magicka if you wanna keep the stam glyphs. You got the point, it shoul be like this:

a) Stam glyphs on Armor with attributes to the Magicka ( I've made a mistake on the build creator, I put all points to attributes and used the stam glyphs too, you should balance the two pool.)

b) Magicka glyphs on Armor with attributes to the Stamina

c) Mix all of it and become this Dude. (You should go like 32 stam 32 mag, and mix of glyphs to armor)

Skills Usage:

  • Main Spammable Single Target : Dizzying Blow (Sets the target Off Balance, so you can heavy attack for sustaining, also for stunning, and getting a dmg bonus from Exploiter CP node)
  • Shields and Survivability : Brawler, Critical Surge and Hardened ward. (These are your survival tools and they all have their own way for utility in the build. Spaming Brawler in AoE basically makes you immortal with the shield. Critical Surge is going to heal you whenever you deal crit too.)
  • Buffs to keep all the time : Bound Armaments, Critical Surge and Hurricane. (You should keep these 3 all the time to get Max Stam. & Light attack dmg increase from bound armaments | healing and %20 wep&spell dmg increase from Critical Surge | Spell and Physical Resistance, Movement speed increase as well as getting a damaging AoE around you for a radius that expands over time)
  • Execution : Reverse slice. ( Use this when the target's hp drops below %30-ish. It will damage anything near the main target for %78 of the damage dealt.)
  • Skills Slotted for passives : Camo. hunter and Dawnbreaker are slotted for their passive incomes. You should use Summon Charged Atronach as ulti for dps. However, you can use Dawnbreaker too for a boost to wep. dmg. There is almost no point in activating the Camo. Hunter
  • AoEs : Liquid Lightning, Blockade of Storms, Brawler. (Keep the Liquid lightning and Blockade up all the time. Brawler is for burst AoE and shield.)

Champion Points : I'm not really experienced for CPs, but here is how you can draw a path for it basically:

62 Bastion (dmg shield effectiveness)

30 Thick Skinned – 30 Hardy (no, not the Tom one.) – 30 Elemental Defender

32 Medium Armor Focus – 55 Ironclad – 10 Spell Shield

30 Thaumaturge – 35 Precise Strikes – 30 Piercing – 50 Mighty

31 Physical Wep. Expert – 70 Master at Arms

41 Elemental Expert – 25 Spell Erosion – 35 Elfborn

18 Shadow Ward – 18 Tumbling

67 Mooncalf – 80 Arcanist

8 Sprinter (no, Not the Mercedes one.) – 23 Warlord

And a last thing, You can replace Molag Kena with Slimecraw Monster set, if the ability cost increase is too much.

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