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Story – Grahtwood Ambusher part 3

TheElderScrolls5 - Story - Grahtwood Ambusher part 3

The story so far:

Grahtwood Ambusher has been forced away from her home as Raiders attacked her peaceful little village. She had to watch her parents being carried away forcefully by the brute raiders as she was powerlessly hiding. After spending the night in the forest, dawn had arrived and she met a strange man, who later revealed himself to be a priest called Miraak. The priest summoned a dragon named Odahviing and asked him for his help.

Part 3: The leaf in the wind

Grahtwood Ambusher stood still as if she had been frozen in time. Her eyes were wide open in disbelief. As if she was still processing the past few minutes, her voice cracked as she tried to speak. "Mi-Miraak? You are Miraak, the Dragonborn?!" she asked to the priest.

She realized it as soon as he called the dragon by his name. Odahviing, the notorious right-hand of Alduin. He used to aid Alduin in keeping humans as slaves and offerings to other dragons. Until the Dragonborn, Miraak, trapped him and asked Odahviing to help him defeat Alduin. Grahtwood was never sure why Odahviing, such a mighty dragon would make a deal to defeat one of his own kind. But she had no doubt that he was a dragon of his word, as she looked at his eyes, seeing the wisdom beneath them.
Miraak, on the other hand, had a reputation of being arrogant, too convinced of his own power. Standing in front of two powerful, yet different beings in every way makes her feel, curious. Why would Miraak offer his help to her?

"Who is the young woman?" Odahviing asked while still looking at Grahtwood. She realized that he had not once looked away from her since he landed. Carefully observing her as he breathed in a steady manner. "She is a woman in need of our help" the priest said. Her parents have been abducted by raiders and she was forced to leave them and flee into the forest. "Hrmm", Odahviing responded while burrowing his eyebrows into each other in a deep frown, almost as if he was concerned. "The raiders have been trouble for a while now, I had never suspected that they would be this troublesome" he said.

"Man will do a lot when pushed toward hunger" said Miraak. Hunger for power? Grahtwood thinks to herself, but knows better than to speak those words out loud.
"Think of Alduin, who forsaked his role of World Eater to be worshipped due to his own arrogance" said Miraak, "I do not need to be reminded of the Merethic Era" said Odahviing. "Alduin has caused a lot of destruction. Luckily Paarthunax took it upon himself to teach the people the way of the voice, so they could rebel against my kin in the Dragon War. Alduin had fallen victim to his arrogance, conquering Mundus for himself and our kin, forsaking his role as World-Eater. The rebellion was but a natural reaction to the oppression of the Dragonkind and the Priests".


Grahtwood has been standing in silence the whole time. She had been living on the farm her entire life. The college she went to consisted of sowing and harvesting plants on the crops. The animals they raised would be sold to the highest bidder in monthly events. She always had a hard time saying goodbye to each of them. Having spent so much of her time raising the animals, she felt it almost wrong to let go of them.
But her curiosity always got the better of her. Whenever she could get her hands on a book, she would read it from start to finish. Her father used to say "An archer's best weapon is her mind". So in the name of archery, she found it best to keep her mind sharp with books. Alduin has been born a World-Eater, meant to destroy worlds and create new ones, but when his arrogance took over, he decided to follow his own selfish desire.

Grahtwood's cloud of thought gets interrupted as Miraak breaks the silence. "Regardless of how things may have been in the past, we still need to help this woman in need. I presume that you have realized that the humankind is equal to the Dragons and the Priests alike?". Odahviing shifts his eyes to Miraak and stares at him without saying a word, still steadily breathing as ever, as if he is pondering an answer. "I have realized it a long time ago. Humans are indeed equal, not inferior to Dragonkind. And this is not because Paarthunax has learned them the way of the voice. We could still rule the mankind whenever we wish to, but I have no desire to do such. And as long as I remain in command of the Dragons, no such thing will ever happen".

Miraak seemed to accept the answer. Grahtwood could see the expression of his face ease up as he turned his eyes toward hers. "Your parents might be in great danger child. are you ready to meet them?". Grahtwood shook her head in confusion. "You know where they are?" she asks, not entirely surprised that the priest has held yet another secret from her. "I do, child, but we could never reach them without Odahviing". "What do you mean?" Grahtwood asks, genuinely confused by the cryptic answer of the priest.

Instead of answering, Miraak turned his attention toward Odahviing and said: "Odahviing, take us to Ancient's Ascent". "Ancient's Ascent?" asked Grahtwood, who had never heard of such a place.

Odahviing looked at Grahtwood for a few seconds. The wind suddenly started raging as clouds started to dim the light of the sky. "At once" Odahviing said.

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