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[Story] The Crimes of the Last Dragonborn. Case 1 – Birds and Bees.

TheElderScrolls1 - [Story] The Crimes of the Last Dragonborn. Case 1 – Birds and Bees.

r/Skyrim hates stories, no matter how short. I was hoping I could find a bit of audience here>

“…and as the great Alduin descended from the skies, the Tongues of Old came forward. Their cries echoed towards Shor’s Hall. Its doors opened and sprang thousands of heroes throughout the ages. All of Sovngarde engaged Alduin but none were able to bring him down and many were struck down by Alduin’s might. The heroes of old could not contain the strength of the Great Dragon. Everything seemed lost but alas, the Last Dragonborn, with his mighty Thu’um battled Alduin. All of Sovngarde trembled as the Last Dragonborn gave a mighty roar…and Alduin the World-Eater is finally no more.”

As Lydia finishes the last chapter, her hands ran across her daughter’s hair. Bedtime stories is the only way to make her girls sleep.

“Wow…” Lucia’s eyes twinkled. “Did Papa really defeat the big, bad dragon?”

Lydia closed the book, laying it down on the bedside table. She leaned down to her left, kissing Sophie who fell asleep halfway through the story beside her. Lydia had no idea what actually happened but she trust what Tolfdir and the College of Winterhold wrote, and she trusts her husband. She kissed Lucia.

“Yes, dear. Papa defeated the big, bad dragon.” If this was back before she met her husband, she would not have believed it herself. Her kids had no idea what a wimp their father was back then. “And you helped?” Lucia asked, “I kept hearing from the guards that you and Papa fought the evil dragon.”

Lydia remembers their battle atop the Throat of the World. It took all of the Dragon Knights, a name bestowed by her husband to his housecarls, Paarthurnaax and her husband to subdue Alduin. Alduin was weak back then, it took everything of them to defeat him. Lydia couldn’t imagine the battle of Sovngarde. It must have been glorious and devastating. “Yes, my sweet.” She replied.

Lucia’s eyes drowned in excitement. Her parents are both heroes and dragon slayers. Lydia can see it in her eyes. “Mom…can we…” Lucia spoke shyly.

Lydia wrapped her arm around her daughter, bringing her closer to her chest. Her head now resting on hers. “What is it my love? You can tell Mama.”

Lucia looked up, her pleading eyes screamed eagerness and naïve enthusiasm. “Can I see dragons?” Lydia gave a hearty smile. “Please. I want to see a dragon.” Lucia embraced her step-mother. “Papa says not all dragons are bad and you said it’s dangerous… but can I at least see a dragon?” Lucia hugged Lydia tighter. “Pretty please, please, please.”

“Lucia.” Lydia wrapped her arms around step-daughter. She kissed her forehead again. “I’m sorry my sweet but we can’t.” Lydia’s eyes is fixed towards her abdomen. “Mama can’t fight dragons right now.” Lucia looked down. She can see why. She ran her hands across her mother’s swollen stomach.

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Lucia felt a kick. Her eyes grew wide open, she looked up to her mother. Lydia smiled, “Looks like someone else is excited to see dragons.” Lucia broke from the embrace, sits up and lays her head softly on her mother’s pregnant belly, listening. She felt another kick.


“After the baby is born, I promise to tell Papa we will visit your uncle.” Lucia bit her lower-lip in excitement, “You promise?” Lydia brought her daughter back into her arms again. “I promise.” Not today though, Lydia thought to herself. Paarthurnaax will have to wait. Kids still think their uncle is a mere greybeard who has a pet dragon.

The night was fruitful, cold but welcoming. Lydia hummed the Tales of the Tongues as she tries to get Lucia to sleep but the child is preoccupied with her pregnancy. Her warm hands softly and gently caressing her belly. However, it’s late at night and her husband hasn’t returned from his adventure with Serana in Soul Cairn. It’s been two weeks since they left; those lost pages from a Dunmer Saint must be difficult to find.

“Mama.” Lydia snapped out of her daydream.

Lucia asked sincerely, “Where do babies come from?”

Lydia can’t believe what she’s hearing, “Wha – where did you get these questions from?”

“Braith told me how babies are made.” Lucia angrily crossed her arms. “I hate her though, she keeps telling me, Sophie and Lars what to do.”

Lydia doesn’t know how to respond, “Wha – what did she tell you?”

She said babies are made when two people kiss.” Lucia gestures her lips. “We snuck outside of the city once and spied on Lady Olfina and Jon, and we saw them kissing.” Lucia made a face, “It was gross.”

Lydia felt relieved. It could have been worse. “Uhm, yes.” Lydia tries to choose her words carefully. “When couples kiss, when they love each other, there’s a good chance Lady Mara will bless them with a child.” Lydia pinched her daughter’s nose. “But no more sneaking outside of the city, okay?”

Lucia giggly nodded. “Is that why you kiss Papa every morning?”

Lydia tries to hide her embarrassment. How did they know? Did her daughters saw them? She tried to muffle her moans every morning, how could they know? Lydia hopes their daughters only saw them making out. “Uhm, yes. Because your Papa and I love each other that is why Lady Mara has blessed us with a new member of the family.”

“Mama…” Lucia gave her a look. “I know, I’m not a little girl anymore.” Lucia stretched all of her fingers on both of her hands, closed it and raised two more additional fingers. “I’m this much now.”

Lydia gave a deep sigh. She prayed to the gods to spare her the fate of telling her children where babies come from. Draugrs, Vampires, Werewolves and Dragons she can bare, not this. Lydia gave her daughter a long but careful lesson on how babies are made. At the end of it, she thought her daughter would freak out but she didn’t.

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“Mama,” Lucia asked.

Lydia nervously replied, “Yes, my love?” Please, no more embarrassing questions dear, she thought to herself.

“Does that mean Sophie and I are going to have one more sibling?” Lucia excitedly threw her arms in the air.

Confused, Lydia asked. “One more? What do you mean one more?”

“Well, whenever you’re asleep at night. Sophie and I would often sneak out of the room and follow Papa to the basement without him knowing. It is where Papa and Aunt Serana kiss many times.”

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