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Struggling with something, I could use some advice

TheElderScrolls11 - Struggling with something, I could use some advice

Hey all,

I've played the game on and off since it came out. I am currently logging on daily, almost exclusively to do writs and maybe a battleground. I've done that enough that I am currently at 330+CP and still feel like I don't have a good handle of the game.

I struggle with a few small issues which seem to tangle up in this bizarre conundrum that's stopping me from really sinking my teeth into this MMO like I would any other – my own sense of character/class identity, or lack thereof.

Backgound: I played a number of MMOs, but the only one I have played extensively was WoW (since B.C.), somewhat casually. I loved the hunter gameplay so much that I had one on both factions.

Please apologize for my wall of text. But I could use some of this community's insight.

My issues may stem from my own lack of imagination, perhaps not. I have always loved the archer archetype – "Ranged Physical DPS". Leather wearing, roguelike archer only resorting to melee weapons if necessary. Specifically, for those who know the Warhammer universe, the Wood Elves.

That being said, I struggle to play this character that I enjoy. Aesthetically, my bosmer looks about the way I would want him to. Gameplay wise, if I want to do end game PvE/PvP content without being deadweight, I have to forgo my class identity. It seems that there is no real Ranged Physical DPS setup for my Stamblade that wouldn't hinder my group – aside from specific heavily farmed gear sets that I have not yet been able to obtain. The advice from stamblade is to use a bow as the back bar, and melee as the main DPS bar. That's not what I'm looking for, but that's what I need to do.


I was told that Ranged DPS gameplay in ESO is confined to magicka builds. Doesn't this seem like a lost opportunity? I tried leveling a sorc and a warden, but I just can't bring myself to. I don't like being a mage-like character, at least not enough to get to lvl 50 and go through the tedious mount-leveling process on this alt.

Yet, I feel that I should level a ranged-dps class so that I can actually be a ranged-dps player. I feel compelled to save the quests I haven't done on my main for this alt that I don't look forward to leveling, on the basis that I would like the gameplay more eventually. All of this at the cost of this archetype that I love so much.

Did anyone else feel like their fantasy archetype is just not viable in this game when it comes to progression beyond just quests? Am I just overthinking this too much?

Is it worth re-rolling a sorc character? I understand that warden have a competitive bow/bow build, but that it's PvE exclusive. If I want to do some real damage in PvP, I need to start spinning those blades instead…

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