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Suggestion: Add Vulkan support for Windows?

TheElderScrolls5 - Suggestion: Add Vulkan support for Windows?

Hello all, I'm a big fan of the The Elder Scrolls Online and love exploring Tamriel whenever I have free time. However, I am also bit of a nerd who uses Linux as their primary operating system.


Would it be possible for Zenimax Online to add Vulkan (or even OpenGL) support for Windows? This would greatly improve the games performance for Linux users, and would be easier (and cheaper) than making a native Linux port.

I know this would affect around 1% of ESO players (and that's being generous), but I'm allowed to dream 🙂

Longer version

Thanks to the recent arrival of SteamPlay and Zenimax Online making a Wine compatible game, I can enjoy ESO on my Linux without having to do anything hacky. The game works right out of the box.

I typically play the game with my settings around high (I have a GTX 1070 Ti), and this lets me get a frame rate of around 100 FPS while I'm adventuring the wilds of Tamriel. No complaining there. But if I go into one of the bigger cities, it's not uncommon for small stutters to occur and my frame rate can drop to anywhere from 35-55 FPS.


This is because all the DirectX 11 draw calls have to be translated real-time into Vulkan draw calls by Proton, which can cause an FPS decrease of around 10-20%. This decrease in performance becomes very noticeable when you travel to a large city that requires many draw calls.

If the Windows version of ESO had builtin Vulkan support, then Proton wouldn't be hit with the performance decrease as it doesn't need to translate the draw calls. This may cause the game to run even better on Linux then the Windows version.

Furthermore, I've read that the MacOS version already uses MoltenVK, which is a wrapper to use Vulkan over Apples Metal. If this claim is true, then the Zenimax Team should already have a somewhat working Vulkan renderer.

What does the community thing about this? And may fortune smile upon your adventures!

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