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Suggestion for New Mechanics: Ambush and Trap

TheElderScrolls3 - Suggestion for New Mechanics: Ambush and Trap

Recent top decks have revealed a major weakness in the lack of interactive turns. Namely, burst damage or Win from Hand decks are utterly degenerate and unfun.

I'd like to consider a pair of new Keywords to counteract this: Ambush and Trap.

Ambush goes on creatures. It works as such:

Ambush: When your opponent meets X criteria, you may play this creature on their turn.

X might be Plays 2 creatures, attacks twice, plays 2 spells, breaks your rune, etc. A couple of sample creatures:

Jungle Prowler – Khajit Cost: 3 3/2 Ambush: If one or more of your runes was broken this turn, you may play Prowler immediately.

Summon: Prowler fights a creature. If Prowler was played from Ambush, it takes no damage when fighting.

Rearguard Patrol – Imperial Cost: 4 4/4 Guard

Ambush: If a creature attacked you from the Shadow lane, you may play Rearguard Patrol immediately.

Town Crier 2 2/2 Ambush: when a creature you control dies on your opponents turn, you may play Crier immediately.

Summon: Give a creature in your hand +1/+1. If Crier was played from ambush, also give it Guard.

So that's Ambush.

Now, Traps. These work much like Hearthstone Secrets in that you play them onto the field, and they trigger if a condition is met, rewarding you with an effect before being sent to the graveyard. However, some trap abilities could also be played for less powerful but still useful immediate effects.



Hunters Snare – AGI 2 Deal 2 damage to a creature and shackle it. Trap: When your opponent plays their next creature, deal 4 damage to it. Shackle that creature.

Shield Bash – STR 4 Deal 5 damage to a creature. Trap: Destroy the next creature to attack you directly.

Spell Snipe – INT 2 Deal 1 damage. Draw a card. Trap: Counter the next spell your opponent plays. Deal 2 damage to the opponent.

Akatosh's Intervention – INT/WIL 5 Draw 3 cards. You may cast one of them for free. Trap: When your opponent plays 3 abilities in a turn, counter the third ability. End the turn.

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Worm Cult Edit – END 5 Cannot target Undead. Destroy an opposing creature. Trap: The next time a creature dies, return it to play under your control. It becomes Undead.

Just some examples here. Precise effects and numbers would of course need tweaked. I just think that recent popular decks, from OTK Item and Strike decks, to Ebongeart and Assassin, have revealed a need for cards that offer immediate consequences for play choices.

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